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  1. I think it is time for the Pacers to get a break when it comes to the lottery. 3 times in the 80's they got the 2nd pick and we know that the Knicks envelope was frozen in 85. 83- Sampson and we got Stepanovich. 85- Ewing and we got Tisdale. 88- Manning and we got Smits which turned out OK
  2. I think the top need is a legitimate PG but there very few of those in today's game
  3. I am old and this will make it clear but if he chooses elsewhere then take down the picture of him in a IU uniform. I don't like seeing these recruits taking these pictures in IU uniforms but doesn't come here. Charlie Miller was on Indiana Sports Beat the other day complaining about this as well.
  4. More than likely we will but will players want to take a chance when we are over signed by 1 right now
  5. That is being disrespectful to a steaming pile of...
  6. Why go to a place where their coach is 75 years old who could retire any day. Is Gunn and Take similar in style and position that would keep him from commiting here. I like Gunn and have watched him many times but don't know how good he will.be here. With the uncertainty of the scholarship numbers wonder if keeping Gunn's commitment was a bad decision.
  7. I hope Slick Leonard spirit is on the room with the machine that the lottery uses. They are sending Mrs. Leonard as their representative at the lottery. If the Pacers is fortunate to get the top pick who would you think they should pick.
  8. I like our chances here especially after his visit.
  9. Reds win 10-7 with a Naquin 3 run homer in the 9th
  10. Reds bullpen at it again with giving up 5 in the 8th and it is tied. Still one out with runner on second. This front office is totally inept by going into this season with no quality bullpen arms.
  11. Bullpen comes in the 8th.inning and have given up 3 runs on 2 home runs. Still only one out in the 8th with the lead down to 7-5
  12. Castellanos is the n his first slump of the year with his average going from .361 to .337
  13. I probably wouldn't put Ewing at the top of the Center position. Jabaar, Robinson, Chamberlain and Ologuwan(sp).
  14. It starts at the top and tricked down. I guess they did changed the scouting department last year so it will be a few years to see how that pays off.
  15. So true, they yrad d Iglesias for someone who they cut and did not tender a contract to Bradley
  16. Reds lose 5th in a row losing 7-5 in 11 to the Twins. Reds scored 2 in the top of the 10th to take a 5-3 but David Bell brings in the human batting tee in Sean Doolittle. He gave up two runs without getting and out and all Doolittle throws is a 90 mph fastball. In the 11th the Twins has a guy on 3rd with one out and instead of walking Sano he pitched to him and he hit a 2 run homer. I am sorry but David Bell has to go.
  17. Even a guy on Trae Young who is very good would struggle with the physicality of the game in the 80's and 90's. Players back then had to have a different mentality especially going to the basketball. Now you have free reign to get the basket with no feat of getting your head knocked off
  18. Whatever and your assertion that players from the past couldn't play today is absurd as well. Overall they might be better athletes but to me on the whole they are not better basketball players. I would love to see Durant trying to guard Karl Malone in the post. If they are better athletes then why do they play less minutes during games and sit out games when not injured.
  19. Because that is what college athletics is supposed to be about. All college athletes should be rewarded for their hard work.
  20. More unathletic players from the 80's
  21. Hate all of those un athletic players from the 80's
  22. I just hate when people say that guys back then couldn't compete today. You act like the guys back then we're all slow stiff white guys with no athletic ability. There were plenty of athletic players back then who could compete today. If today's players are so much better athletes then why can't they play every game and not worry about load management.
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