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  1. Whatever and your assertion that players from the past couldn't play today is absurd as well. Overall they might be better athletes but to me on the whole they are not better basketball players. I would love to see Durant trying to guard Karl Malone in the post. If they are better athletes then why do they play less minutes during games and sit out games when not injured.
  2. Because that is what college athletics is supposed to be about. All college athletes should be rewarded for their hard work.
  3. More unathletic players from the 80's
  4. Hate all of those un athletic players from the 80's
  5. I just hate when people say that guys back then couldn't compete today. You act like the guys back then we're all slow stiff white guys with no athletic ability. There were plenty of athletic players back then who could compete today. If today's players are so much better athletes then why can't they play every game and not worry about load management.
  6. The Reds not starting well against the Twins getting down 2-0 and the Twins is still batting with two inn n the second. The wins ate 30-41 so it is not like they are a good team.
  7. OK take out the Lakers and Celtics and look at a team like the 95 Magic and with Shaq, Hardaway, Scott and Anderson and would take that foursome over anything we have in the playoffs right now
  8. He is a lot better than Huerter
  9. Well Woodson and Colvin dad both went to Broad Ripple so there is that connection
  10. That is what happened early in his career where he scored 63 in a playoff game against the Celtics but lost. He didn't start winning until they got Pippen and Grant
  11. I just looked and Bally is not showing either Red games against the twins. They are showing the state baseball championships.
  12. I liked watching him in college at GT ad well. With him and Kenny Anderson
  13. If he shoots as well as his dad I am all for it.
  14. He would average 50 with the defense that is played today
  15. I would say players like Tisdale, Williams and Kellogg ate better than any Pacer today.
  16. Well it is obvious we have different opinions on this. Who would start over Jabaar, Magic and Worthy. Also for that Lakers team Byron Scott was a perfect 2 guard. That team was about getting the rebound and getting out on the fast break by filling the lanes. Who would start over Bird, McHale and Parrish and Johnson and Ainge was a great back court. Back then it was about putting pieces together over just putting the most talent on the court.
  17. I guess I disagree because I look at players who play the majority of the minutes and see players today that wouldn't have seen big minutes back then. I look at the Hawks and maybe one player would have a chance to start for the Lakers or Celtics of the 80's. That is how I compare the eras and not the bottom of the roster.
  18. But expansion dilutes the talent even more than it is already is.
  19. Well if you look at the population for this year it could go down because of the pandemic
  20. Maybe it is my bias but when I look at the rosters of the top teams I just see the teams of the 80's and 90's having a lot more depth. I look at some of the top teams today and can't believe some of the players who actually play big minutes. I think to myself that no way some of these players would have played for those Lakers or Celtics teams of the 80's.
  21. I would say Utah with Malone and Stockton was really good. The Sun's had Barkley which is one of the best players ever to play. Even Portland with Drexler was a really good team. The Pacers in 98 should have beaten the Bulls in game 7 but was not given a fair shake by the officials.
  22. That is your opinion which is fine but I disagree when it comes to pro Sports
  23. I think if you subtracted a few teams and then distribute those players then it would make each team stronger
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