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  1. I agree with you about expansion because I think it hurts the product. I know it will never happen but they need to cut the league by 4-6 teams. I think that about all the pro leagues and not just the NBA. There were always super teams but they were built by the orginization and not by the players. The Lakers were able to make trades for draft picks which turned out to be #1 draft pick. They got Magic and Worthy this way.
  2. We will see what the Reds is made up over the next 11 game home stand. They still have two games on the road trip at Minnesota but after that it gets really tough. Atlanta 4 games. Philadelphia 1 game make up. SD 3 games. Cubs 3 games
  3. When I got out I saw two people at the McDonald's tying up their horses and going inside
  4. Reds just got swept in a four game series to SD 3-2 in today's game. For me baseball has to be the most frustrating sport to he a fan of in all of sports. Even if your team is good you will have to go throughout 65-70 losses a year. For anyone who Hates losing it is tough to follow your baseball team. The Reds came into this series having won 13 out of 16 and 6 straight. SD was coming in having list 13 out of 17 and only scoring 30 runs in those 13 losses. It appears the Reds can beat the bad to mediocre teams but can't beat the contenders.
  5. I am in in Decatur county right just got done with my last stop of the night. Stopped at Taco Bell for dinner before heading back to Indy
  6. The last month of the season he almost averaged a triple double
  7. Also I he last two years Sabonis averaged 12.3 rebs so that is pretty good if you ask me
  8. He shot 33 percent from 3 this year on 2.6 attempts.
  9. Reds lose their 3rd straight on SF losing 7-5. The bullpen gave up a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 8th to Tatis backup. Tatis went out with a shoulder injury but to the bullpen it didn't matter Twice the Reds pitchers got the first two batters out but gave up a 3 run double and a 2 run homer. You have to be able to finish off an inning once you got the first to batters out. In the 3 games the Reds have been outscored 21-11 and out homered 10-1.; They are now 9-18 against the west and are 10 games over .500 against the rest of baseball
  10. The west division has been a Reds killer and if you take them out the Refs has a very good record. Their record against each team. Arizona 1-5 SF 1-6 SD 0-2 LA 2-1 Colorado 5-2
  11. Well it was fun while it lasted but the Refs are back to their old selves especially the bullpen. Going to the 9th they are down 8-2 and the bullpen had given up 5 runs in 5 innings. The offense hasn't been much better the last 4 games. They scored 10 runs in the first game of the road trip but they have only scored 10 in the last 4 games.
  12. SD hitting had been horrible the last 4 weeks but they are feasting on the Reds pitching. In the last 13 games they scored 30 runs but the 12 innings against the Reds they have scored 10 with 7 home runs
  13. Simmons couldn't even lead LSU to the tournament in college
  14. I don't know how much longer the Refs can just keep putting Suarez in the lineup every night. Last year in 57 games he hit .202 and in 65 games this year he is at .161. I couldn't care less about his 14 home runs. To start the season he went 4-50 with RISP. And you can't have that with a player who hays in the middle of the lineup. When I heard his goal lady year and this year was to hit 50 homers I knew the Refs was in trouble. He is more worried about home runs over making contact.
  15. Just my gut feeling but I think one of these guys will he the next Pacers coach. Brian Shaw. Mike Brown
  16. I don't think you can get a star on return for Smart. I see no other pieces on the Celtics that will net you a stat except for Brown. Toe Brown and Tatum play similar position so I would trade Brown which would net you a lot.
  17. It just seems like an IU can't win when it comes to their recruiting philosophy. Crean was criticized for losing the state and then only recruited out of state kids. Archie recruited the state well but was criticized for not getting enough out of state guys
  18. Wow trading away first round picks to just get rid of a player
  19. Reds bullpen totally imploded in the bottom of the 9th with them giving tup 2 2 run homers to lose 6-4. Have no idea what is wrong with Garrett because he has been awful all year. The last 6 games the bullpen had pitched 18. Innings and only gave up 3 runs but they gave up 4 runs in .1 innings in the 9th. I just hope losing a game in this fashion does not start a down slide since they have played do well lately. Still has three more games in SD and then 2 at Minnesota. I know when you make a schedule you have to look at every team but how the Refs road trip was scheduled is ridiculous. Played at Milwaukee then go to SD and then go back across the country to Minnesota
  20. SD just tied the game on a 2 run homer. If the Refs lose Bell had a lot of explaining to do with pitching Hendrix in this situation.
  21. What the hell is David Bell thinking because he just brought on a rookie pitcher who is has never gotten a major league Dave. Ryan Hendrix had like a 4.7 era and Bell is bring him in a 4-2 game in the bottom of the 9th. He just walked the first batter
  22. Reds was down 2-0 going to the 9th but just scored 4 runs to take a 4-2 lead. Joe Musgrove can't catch a break because he had a 2.50 era but is only 4-6. Tonight he pitched 7 scoreless bit they took him out after only 91 pitches
  23. They said the same thing about Nate McMillan and now he is one game away from the conference finals.
  24. I was going to say the same thing. I have not looked at the 22 class closely and besides Washington, Gunn and Walker are there many other power 5 players in the class.
  25. People have to much of a thin skin attitude. Especially if the bench players on in I have no problem seeing them keep playing the game until the final buzzer. Also I remember the first game back in Indy for Lance Stephenson he stole the ball and went in for a dunk right before the buzzer. It caused a huge fight because the other team was furious
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