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  1. Who would have thought the Braves up 5-4 after 3
  2. Yesterday the Braves lost both games of a DH while scoring 0 runs on 1 hit
  3. I was hoping Suarez would come back and have a good year but he is even worse than he was last year.
  4. One thing in the NBA they take the first open look and they don't waste the first half of the shot clock wasting time.
  5. Well we did make his final 12
  6. Reds lose their 7th in a row 5-2 and left the bases loaded in the 9th. Castillo with another bad outing giving up 4 runs in 5 innings
  7. Big time recruit and hopefully this is just the start for this class
  8. I said I watch the Pacers and at least I posted in the NBA thread
  9. Pacers down 61-58 to the Pistons at the half. Probably would have never thought I would see this but the Pacers leading scorers is Summer and Brissett.
  10. It has been that way for years. Also in the NBA you are playing 8 more minutes a game and have a 24 second shot clock. Do you really think Scott Skiles actually had 30 assist in that game. I use to watch a lot of NBA and was a huge Magic Johnson fan but know he was given a lot of assist that wouldn't have been one in college. I am saying that the scorers in college goes more by the book than does the NBA. I have heard in the MLB where players will call the official scorer to dispute an error given to them and it gets changed. I am sure the home scorer will help players out and probably th
  11. Just looked at the Reds schedule and it will get even worse since they play at the Dodgers next
  12. They lead MLB in Runs scored and homeruns but are 9-11. Last night they showed that the reds has scored 60% of their runs in 6 games. They either score 10+ runs or they score 2 or less
  13. How the NBA is getting Assists wrong (thejumpball.net) Also you might be the one to answer this NBA question. With the new play in games for the playoffs are the teams who lose in the play in game still in the lottery or are they considered playoff teams.
  14. Earlier this year I saw a guy pass the ball to someone at half court and he dribbled in and hit a 3 and they gave him an assist. With 8 more minutes and a more lenient assist definition is why you see more assist in the NBA.
  15. Well the definition of an assist is totally different in the NBA than college. In the NBA you can pass it to a player and if he scores it is an assist no matter how many dribbles he takes.
  16. Reds really needs to get Moustakas back because they are 7-3 with him in the lineup and 2-7 without him and about to lose tonight as well.
  17. Also the college game is about coaches and the name on the front of the jersey. Players come and go but if successful coaches stay for the long run.
  18. Well Fox Indiana just pissed.me off. Watching the Reds game which had a long rain delay and it is in the 8th inning. So Fox just switched to the Pacers pre game show.
  19. It is like the election you can win the popular vote but not win the election. Viewerships for the NBA gets the advantage because most of the teams come from the biggest cities so they will have the larger viewership. I also say with so many more college games on during the week will lower the overall ratings. I would bet if you take the top college games and those ratings are probably are closer to the NBA ratings. In the NBA you will see the same 6-8 teams in every national broadcast and that inflates the ratings. If you were showing more teams like Sacramento and Charlotte I bet the ra
  20. Well we have a NBA thread about the NBA so why not discuss that on that thread. We know you worked for the Celtics and likes the NBA which is fine but this is an IU board. Most on here perfers the college game and will view it as the better game. We don't care if more people like the NBA because it doesn't matter to us.
  21. Reds needs to bench Surez because he is batting .170 and lead the lead the league in strikeouts. The also already had 5 errors and just made one in this game that was terrible. Had a routine ground ball to him that should have been the 3rd out but he threw flat footed at the throw was in the dirt
  22. I said I know it is more popular but again why is this a debate on a college basketball thread about the IU coach
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