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  1. Got home hoping to see the last few innings of the Refs and Padres and saw Bally Sports is showing the Indiana Fever. They are the worst team in the WNBA and it is a rerun from earlier in the night. Reds ate down 1-0 in the 7th. Miley had a no hitter until Tatis hot a home in the 6th. Reds offense the last 3 games has disappeared because they have stopped working the pitchers and making easy outs early in the count
  2. Well we have Gunn already committed and Washington I'd a top priority so it doesn't seem Le we are neglecting the state
  3. Reds beats the Brewers 2-1!in 10 innings. Reds score 2 runs in the 10th without a hit. They had the ghost runner, HBP, walk, HBP and sac fly.
  4. Just heard the dumbest thing on Sportscaster. Tyler Glasnow the pitcher with the Rays is now blaming his elbow injury because of having to give up using substances to help his grip on the ball.
  5. Refs and Brewers is a pitching fuel 0-0 in the top of the 8th. Both teams only has only two hits and the time of the game right now is 1 he and 50 minutes. The Brewers starter Anderson in 10 starts had only pitched 39.2 innings with a 4.99 era. Tonight he pitched 7 innings and he gave up 1 hit
  6. Reds win 10-2 vs the Brewers and now have won 11 out of 14. In that time span the starting pitchers leaf the league in ERA. The last few games the bullpen had started to pitch a little better. The Reds offense leads the league in runs and batting average. They have scored in double figures in 3 out of 4 games. They are only 3 out in the loss column but they are on a 9 game road trip. Milwaukee, SD and Minnesota
  7. Pretty good program and will give us a good test. I like playing this type of team than a 300+ rated team
  8. Good start by the Reds with them up 4-1 against the Brewers bottom of 2. They could have more with them leaving 4 on base in two innings.
  9. Man I hate the shift in baseball. Refs pitcher made a great pitch to Yelich and jammed him. The ball was a weak ground ball right where the 3b should be but no one in sight
  10. Looked like Galloway got a hair cut
  11. No problem, it was just under Archie that is all we saw and the results was terrible. It just seems like there is touch emphasis in weight training over actual basketball skills.
  12. Love someone inside the game had the guts to say this
  13. Why would this upset me because this part of the process. I want to see more than just this but this kind of thing doesn't bother. It seems like some of you guys are set to mock me anytime you can even though I have not even posted much the last month or so.
  14. Reds sweep the Rockies winning by 6-2. Reds have won 10 out of 13 and one of the losses was a late blown lead against the Brewers
  15. I think we will get Banks to come to IU
  16. Right now the Reds have 11 players on the DL so I don't want to hear the Cardinals excuses
  17. The Reds future rotation could be very good if these young pitchers keep developing. Green, Lodolo, Guetierez, Antone, Santillian
  18. Never understood why teams wait until the deadline to make trades. Why not go out and get players to fill holes in your lineup now. Reds only reliable bullpen arm in Antone was put on the DL. Reds wins tonight 11-5 and hit 5 homers. Wanted to see them get the homer cycle but came a grand slam short of it. They had 3 at bats with the bases loaded but no grand slams. 2 solo homers. 2 2 run homers. 1 3 run homer
  19. I like it but it will probably just allow more SEC teams into the playoffs
  20. Starters need to be able to go at least 6-7 innings every start
  21. Reds lose 7-2 after leading 2-1 in the 6th. The bullpen once again imploded. Officially they gave up 4 runs but I would say they gave up 6. Sims came in when it was 2-1 and two on and gave up 2 hits which scored 3 runs. Between the bullpen and the bad defense the Reds won't win anything
  22. The Pacers #1 need is a top PG so they can move Brogdon off the ball. The Pacers really want to make a huge trade maybe put Brogdon and Turner or Sabonis. I know it wouldn't ever happen but Brogdon, Sabonis and a first round pick for Lillard
  23. Had no idea that Stotts was from Bloomington
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