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  1. Why does it bother you so much when people doesn't have the same viewpoint you have towards the NBA. Yes we know it is more popular throughout the country and globally but who cares. Again why is this even being debated in a thread about Mike Woodson who is the IU coach.
  2. Even with how ugly the college game can be it is still better than the NBA to me. Also I said I couldn't care less if the NBA is more popular or has bigger viewerships because it is not important. I also find it funny that the NBA fans get so butt hurt when people don't agree with them about how great the NBA is. What is wrong about the last sentence because it is true
  3. Can't believe the difference in the Reds hitting between home and on the road. Last night Surez went 0-5 with 4 K's and Votto went 0-4 with 3 K's. The Reds are scoring 8 runs at home and 3 runs on the road.
  4. Reds are killing me lately with losing 5 in a row and down 1-0 today
  5. I just saw that ESPN was having an NBA double header and I had no clue. I have been watching the Reds and Cardinal game and watched ridiculousness on MTV over the Bucks and 76ers.
  6. My final thought is who cares if the NBA is more popular or have larger viewerships because it had nothing to do with IU basketball. Why did this even start being a debate on a thread about IU coach Mike Woodson thread.
  7. Also why don't the NBA fans go talk about it in the NBA thread.
  8. Well I don't live in Knightstown and never lived in that town
  9. I watched a lot of the NBA growing up but stopped watching it around 2000 when I thought it stopped being real fundamental basketball. The problem is now for some reason nthe college game is trying to imitate the NBA game which is not what I want to see
  10. I said take out the Cities that has NBA teams which is only 30 cities and I think the rest of the country would prefer the college game. I still say that people 30 and younger and the people from the inner cities is the ones that perfets the NBA. I would say that older white men like myself perfets the college game.
  11. I guess I don't remember what started this debate but if you want to talk about the NBA there is a NBA board. This board is about about IU and college basketball. I don't care about what is more popular world wide or what is more popular around the country. What I know is that people who are on this board prefers the college game. I would also say take out all of the NBA cities which is 30 and are the largest cities I would say that college basketball would rank higher. I still say that the younger generation and people from the inner cities are the people who perfer the NBA
  12. What I liked about the second article when talking about the state of Indiana it did not mention Purdue but did Butler and ISU
  13. Also there are so many more college games on TV than there NBA games which will lower the overall ratings. Is there numbers for just the primetime games on from power conferences.
  14. I know that but it comes from the largest cities. I don't really care who had higher ratings because all I care about is my preference. I truly have tried to watch NBA games besides the Pacers but just can't get into the NBA game. Even though I know the quality of the college game is not what not use to be but I still will take it over the NBA game. To me basketball is just not about watching the best players or athletes playing the game because to me it is about a lot more than that
  15. Not to be rude but who the hell cares what people in Luthiana watches. I would guess people that lives in larger cities where they have NBA teams are why the ratings are higher
  16. I really never watch an NBA game unless it is the Pacers and I even have trouble watching them. I also think it is an age thing and and maybe a racial thing on who likes the NBA over the college game. I think the younger people going up to 30 years old probably likes the NBA over the college game.
  17. Reds lose to the Cardinals 5-4;with the Reds scoring 3 runs in the 9th and left runners on 2nd and 3rd. Reds only had 1 hit but got 5 walks in the 9th. Reds only got 3 2/3 out of the starting pitcher but did get great relief pitching
  18. I guarantee we won't go 7-9 in the conference since we play 20 conference games.
  19. I could see them trading back to get more picks. If they stay at 4 I would go with Kyle Pitts from Florida
  20. Tragic news and prayers to his family.
  21. He played there this year and had declared for the draft He sat out most of the year with an injury
  22. On average 2 if these 5 QB's drafted in the first round will end up a bust. You just hope you draft the correct QB and not the wrong one
  23. I guess I don't understand service time because I thought Hoerner has ready played on the majors.
  24. Reds lose 14-11 after scoring 3 runs and leaving two on in the 10th. When you score 11 runs and hit 6 HR's and lose there is a major problem. The bullpen is horrible but the starters rarely go past 5-6 innings do we ate using the bullpen to much. The GM did a terrible job in building the pitching staff this off season. They did not bring many quality bullpen guys or starters this off season. You lose two starters in Baurer and Disco and only brought in Hoffman from outside the orginization.
  25. Reds down 14-9 in the bottom of the 10th so this games is pretty much over and we will be swepted. In the 3 games against Arizona the bullpen was horrible and here are the stats from the bullpen. 13 2/3 IP. 20 runs given up. 16 walks. 12 hits. Last two games both went to extra innings and given up 11 runs in the 10th inning combined
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