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  1. Must needed win for the Reds but was harder than it should have been. The Mets was using all bullpen guys today and 3 of their first 4 pitchers were just called up the last couple of days. By their minor league stats they were having trouble getting people out in the minors. One of them had a era around 7 in the minors.
  2. Never had to worry about getting undercut since I could only get off the ground about 4 inches
  3. Everything looked good going into this game with Degrom supposed to start but went on the DL. Also Lindor was placed on the DL as well. The Mets started a guy who has only started a couple of games this year. Tomorrow the Mets has not posted who will start so the Reds had a big advantage going into this series
  4. Reds lose 15-11 in 11. It was 11-10 with two outs when Bell decided to bring in Hendrix and his 6.98 era. He gave up a 3 run homer and a solo homer to the first two batters he faced. Since the break the Reds have given up 11,7,8 and 15 runs. Besides getting shutout yesterday the other three games they have scored 22 runs but can't win any of those games. Tonight Mets starter gave up 7 runs in 4 innings but 5 were unearned. Their bullpen gave up 4 runs in 7 innings. Reds starter gave up 6 runs in 5 innings and bullpen gives up 9 runs in 6 innings. After two the score was 7-3 Reds but he the next 7 innings only scored 2 runs. They scored a run in each of the extra innings because of the new rules. Lastly the Reds gave up 7 home runs
  5. Going to the top of the 11th tied at 10. Reds had 1st and 2nd with no outs and tied in the 10th but Suarez hit into a DP. So far tonight Surez is 0-6 and he left runners on each time while 5 of those times were with runners in scoring position
  6. Unfreakin believable, the Reds scored to take an 8-7 lead but the bullpen gave it right back with a two run homer. Now 9-8 Mets. You bring in soft tossing left in Osich who can't teach 90 with his fastball but you bring him into a game with a one run lead in the 8th. Also this is why teams shouldn't wait until the deadline to make moves to help a area of need. By the time we get to the deadline we will be to far out to make a move to make a difference Instead of bringing up the same old retreads who are awful you need to make a few moves
  7. 7-8 going into the 6th inning and the Reds offense had decided to stop hitting. Really the Refs had not really hit the ball great since they only have 6 hits. The Mets tried to give the game away by commiting 4 errors which gave the Refs 5 unearned runs. On the other hand the Mets are pounding the bal with 4 home runs
  8. Great pitching duel in Cincinnati with the Reds up 7-6 in the top of the 4th. Bell is leaving his starter in tonight when it is obvious that Guetierez does not have anything. It is funny he took out a guy with a shutout after 6 innings the other day but leaves in one tonight who can't get anyone out. Reds were up 7-3 going into the 4th.
  9. Taylor is a lot better than the 16th best RB, he probably is in the top 5.
  10. Probably a little but don't really know
  11. Roy Williams best teams at UNC was built on players rated around 20-65 and stayed 3 or 4 years. His last few years when he started getting more one and done players the worse he did.
  12. I am not saying the coaches shouldn't worry about it but as a fan I don't care what a players draft stock is
  13. One thing going for the Reds is that only have 15 more games with teams who are currently over .500. So that is 54 games vs teams below .500 and 13 games vs the Pirates
  14. I am more worried about kids staying and helping IU win over their draft prospects
  15. Just turned on the Cubs and Diamondbacks get and want to talk about pitch effeciency. The Diamondbacks pitcher has 52 pitches in 5.2 innings.
  16. Well I am glad I have been away from the radio or TV watching my great nephew playing a baseball all star tournament. I am glad I didn't watch the shit show we call Reds baseball. Everytime you think they are in contention they implode. Early they cut the lead to two games then went on. 7 game losing streak and went 8 down. Once again had cut the lead to 4 games but after today it will be 7 games.
  17. I figured it was worse than that but the bullpen has had a couple of stretches of good pitching.
  18. One lady thing about the Refs they have now been hbp 73 times which leads baseball. Now it is time for our pitchers to do something about that and take care of it. We lose Castellanos last night by getting hit in the wrist so our pitcher need to back him and plunk their best player.
  19. Reds lose 7-4 in 11. Had 1st and 3rd with no outs in the 11th and could score. Surez struck out on 3 pitches and he is not getting any better. With two out they intentionally walked Farmer because the Reds had no other position players and had to bring Miley in to pinch hit. If the Reds had just good and dependable bullpen they he up ,3 or 4 games in the Central. In this series alone the bullpen has given up 13 runs. Last night 6 runs in 3.2 inning. Tonight 7 runs in 5 innings. What is bad that we have given up 18 runs to the Brewers this series and they ate the worst offense in the NL. The last few weeks the offense had been bad ad well and can't get many big hits.
  20. The GM of the be Reds should be fired putting this bullpen together. There is no one out there that is reliable and most are hot garbage. Lorenzen came back for the first time this year and pitched one scoreless inning They kept him in to play the OF and was the runner at second to start the 10th. He scored on a sac fly but appeared to year his hamstring or something on the leg. They had 1st and 3rd and no outs and could only score one run so it went to 11th. So far the Brewers had scored 1 run and have runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out. In the 10th Winker at a real chance to end the game but he hit a line drive at 109 mph but it was right at the 2b. If he had gotten the ball in the air he probably would have hit it out. Winker is on a deep slump and it seems like he does this every year. He starts out great but then falls off big time. In the lady 31 games he is hitting .195 with 2 home runs
  21. Reds now down 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th in a rain delay. I wish the rain would have started an inning before when the Refs were leading. Analytics is ruining baseball and the managers uses it way to often. Both managers took their starters out just because they reached 100 pitches. Woodruff for the Brewers had only given up 2 runs in two hits in 5.2 innings. The manager took him out with two outs and nobody on and had retired 7 straight batters. Then the dumbest manager in baseball one upped him.by taking out Castillo because he had 100 pitches. I am so tired of hearing about pitch counts and the announcers today are surprised when a pitcher is allowed to throw more than 90 pitches.
  22. If no one knew but I hate David Bell. Up 2-0 going to the 7th he takes out Castillo and brings in Garrett the worst reliever we have. Do far the Brewers has scored two runs to tie the game and still only had one out
  23. My son called me this morning and told me he had bought us tickets for next Sundays Reds game against the Cardinals. Starting this week I changed shifts and now working Monday-Friday so I now have my weekends off.
  24. Only a clue of positions I worry about the Colts and it is WR depth and CB depth. Also we are young at the DE position but have talent so I hope those guys play well.
  25. Seems like we have a lot of recruits get wrist injuries like Romeo, Galloway and now Gunn. Also Eric Gordon hurt his wrist early on his freshman year.
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