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  1. My point is if we were winning, shooting well and staying healthy I wouldn't have a problem with these pictures but we haven't.
  2. Lucky for the Refs that Arizona bullpen is not pitching well as well 8-7 in the 8th
  3. Guys I am not saying it isn't important part of the program but the last 4 years we have seen all of these type of pictures. To me I want my guys to be able to play big minutes and that had to do with. more than strength. It seems like it is harder for players today to play more than 30 minutes a game. Back in the 80's when the players were supposedly not as good as athletes those players were able to play 35+ minutes a game. I saw plenty of IU players play the whole game and never saw diminish in their play.
  4. Well if I thought the strength coach was the difference between winning and losing I might care more. For basketball players I want to see basketball development and even conditioning over the weight room.
  5. I am just not interested in seeing it. I would rather see more videos of actual basketball activities on the court.
  6. So why do they show all of these muscular.poses if it is just about strength
  7. Reds bullpen just gave up 4 runs in the 7th on 2 hits and 5 walks. Fulmer and Doolittle was just plain awful. They are down 8-4 going to the bottom of the 7th.
  8. I have watched enough basketball over the 45 + years and saw plenty of great shooters who did not do a lot of weight training. Not saying not to do weight training bit I don't need to see these pictures all the time. With how poor we shot the last 4 years there appears to be a circulation between the two.
  9. It is an opinion so neither one of us are right or wrong. Why do you have to be so arrogant on these boards where you think your opinion is the only right one and if people.disagree we are wrong. Just because you are a wannabe high school coach doesn't make you an expert on everything.
  10. I agree with them because I couldn't care less how muscular a basketball player is.
  11. Reds tied the score 4-4 with a couple of homers by Castellan's and Surez
  12. Not a good start for the Reds bullpen today. Down 2-1 in the 6th Fulmer walk the first batter and then a home run. I don't understand the Reds struggling so much with Arizona. Arizona will he 5-1 against the Reds but 4-9 against the rest of the league.
  13. I thought he already entered the Portal and decided to come back
  14. A question has Kopp officially signed because I am watching Indiana Sports Beat and they have Benny Sanders on there. Bob Kravitz asked Benny about Kopp and he talked about him. If it is not official he is not allowed to talk about a recruit personally.
  15. Besides Antone and Doolittle the rest of the hill pen is a train wreck. Two games on a row the bullpen blows a late lead unless the offense does something in the bottom of the 10th. Also you bring in Garrett on the 6th inning and not the 9th.
  16. You need to get Garrett back on track in a non save situation
  17. What the hell was David Bell thinking. Up 3-0 going to the top of the 9th and brings in Garrett. He has been horrible this year and can't throw stones. He walked 2 and then gave up a 3 run homer to tie the game.
  18. Pacers injuries be are ridiculous. Tonight they are without Turner, Sabonis, Goga, Lamb, Mcdermott, Warren with injuries and Sampson with a suspension. Watching this game with OKC is probably like watching a G league game. I haven't heard of most of the players who ate playing OKC and some of the Pacers who are playing wouldn't normally get into games.
  19. Reds lose the suspended gameb5-4 to Arizona.n I was hoping lady years struggle for Surez was more to do with shoulder injury and the pandemic. So far this year his struggles continues with hitting .160. In this he he went 0-4 and 4 strikeouts so if he continues to struggle the Reds are in trouble.
  20. Saw where Harrar is coming back to PSU
  21. This umpiring crew in this Reds game is ridiculous. It had been pouring down rain for over an inning and had puddles in the infield. They should have delayed the game but they kept them out there. The Reds pitvhrtdcould not get a grip of the ball or get any traction on the mound. In the top of the 8th after the Reds walked in the go ahead run. After the Reds pitcher Simms kept throwing out each ball he was given and the manager complained long enough they finally delayed the game.
  22. I like listening to baseball but not basketball and football
  23. Do they can never be on the court together? Woodson wants multiple ball handlers on the court st the same time.
  24. Louis Castillo came on with an era over 7 and gave up 3 in the first inning. He had been really had the lady two years and have to wonder what had happened to him.
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