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  1. After thinking it over this is what I hope the lineup looks like at the start not the season. Lander/RP. Johnson/Stewart Bates/Hunter./Galloway Kopp/Geronimo TJD/Race. I would also Redshirt Leal and Duncomb
  2. Here on Indy there is a commercial ever March trying to get guys to have their vasectomy right before the tournament.
  3. I would think if Archie was here we would probably only had like 4 guys remaining from last year.
  4. Saw where we made the final 12 for Curry from Center Grove
  5. Also I thought Harrat was transferring from PSU. Also OSU has Kyle Young at 6'8
  6. Livers isn coming back for UM and haven't heard from 6'9 Wagner
  7. Don't you know you are supposed to have surgeries during the NCAA tournament do you can sit around and watch games
  8. I think Woodson wants as many ball handlers on the court as possible. He wants a fast pace and if the guy getting the rebound can just get the ball and go it will make it easier for a faster pace.
  9. The only problem is that my shift is Wed-Sunday and 2:30-10:30 so I will have to record most of the IU and Colts games
  10. I like to get Jalen Washington
  11. Well two days in a row I wake up and see good news. Now our roster is set for now and our coaching staff is complete so what will there be to talk about until November.
  12. Redshirting really helped Evans and Haston
  13. That is the problem when you are picking in the middle of the first round it is hard to find one of those great players. It can be done but it seems like if you don't draft in the top 5 it is a crap shoot.
  14. Very good pickup and there will be plenty of battles for playing time. I think a couple should think about redshirting because you can't play 13 players. I still wonder if Woodson will go to more of a pro sub pattern where they usually bring in 4 or 5 subs at one time and play them 6-8 minute stretches.
  15. I would think there will be a guy to leave especially at the wing or guard position.
  16. It is just not this year but it has been the last few years of mediocrity.
  17. Also received my second vaccine shot today
  18. Saw a bowl projection from 247 and they had is in the Duke Mayo Bowl against BC.
  19. Been to Panama City Beach plenty of times.
  20. I will be in Hilton Head in August. Was supposed to go last year but got cancelled. Also I will put it here but I finally found a job and I start on May 3rd. I will be a courier for Quest Diagnostics on Indy.
  21. Tonight for the Pacers there is no Turner, out indefinitely, Sabonis and Lamb. They gave up 36 first quarter points against the Spurs. I think it might be time to blow up the front office and the team. I think the hiring of the new Nate has been a disaster as well. They have no depth at the 4 or 5 spot besides Goga and that is on Pritchard.
  22. Last year was a red shirt for everyone
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