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  1. It is because you think only about yourself and not the well being of everyone
  2. What I have read that they want to package Wiseman with the 7th pick to get a veteran player
  3. To me it sounds like your the one being self righteous
  4. There had not been anything shown that the vaccine is hurting people. You have every right to do what you want but you should also expect not to be able to do what people vaccinated can do. If it were up to me that the only people that cod attend sporting events would be vaccinated people.
  5. If people with your viewpoint would have just done what the doctors had said at the beginning maybe it wouldn't have taken this long to get back to normal. People act like what is going on is some kind of government conspiracy which is total BS.
  6. Your view point is total BS on this topic and it is what is holding this country back from being back to normal
  7. To me if you don't get the vaccine then you are being selfish. If you have no health problems that prevent you from getting the vaccine then there is no reason not to get it.
  8. I couldn't care less. Also I just don't understand why people are so hesitant to get the vaccine in the first place. If you want things to get back to normal then get the vaccine. If you don't get it you should expect your privileges to he impacted.
  9. To me if no vaccine then no play
  10. Funny thing is that the broadcasters were talking about how Phoenix was getting screwed by the officials in the first 3 quarters
  11. Was listening to the game and tne national radio broadcasters were talking about how bad the officials has been. I got home and that was the 6th foul on Booker but the Reds eg swallowed the whistle.
  12. Just like what baseball use to be like
  13. Why don't we just swap OSU, PSU and UM for PU, UI and Minnesota
  14. Right now ESPNU is showing the top 25 games from last year and right now they are showing IU vs FSU
  15. I saw that but didn't post it since I get so much grief about it.
  16. Come on Curry and be the next Indiana kid to commit. Might ad well come and play with all the other great talent from the state
  17. Montgomery just picked by the White Sox
  18. I have seen a lot of mock drafts that had Colson going to the White Sox. That is two picks away so we might see his name selected soon
  19. Well I saw where Boone was going to take Cole out in the 9th but Cole was yelling at him so he stayed in
  20. He has pitched very well the last couple of months but doesn't have much to show for it.
  21. I am sure that they know that they will not get everyone they offer. You offer 20 kids you will only get 3-5 in a class.
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