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  1. I just can't believe some of these guys missing playoff games because of knee soreness like Emid is or Davis is missing games. It is one thing if you have a serious injury but not if you are just not totally right.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, BGleas said:

    They've all been weird nagging injuries, nothing major. He was already breaking out this year before the turf toe hurt him. 

    He'll be the starter next year (he had already taken over the starter role the end of this season) and be really good as long as he stays healthy. 

    Isn't Williams more of a 6'9 PF than a center.  I have not watched much of any of the playoffs and Boston.  To me Boston doesn't have a balanced roster where they got to many wings and no real PG or Center

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  3. What a total embarrassment the Reds were tonight.  They ended up using two position players to pitch because their bullpen was horrible.  All together the bullpen and the other two position players gave up 13 runs in 4.1 innings and the Refs are down 17-3 going to the bottom of the 9th.  Blandino a SS has pitched in 4 games so far this year which is insane

  4. Well the Reds bullpen took a 4-3 defecit to a 10-3 defecit in .2 innings by giving up 6 runs in the 6th inning.  They have given up 3 home runs in the inning and  Garrett is a total disaster.  The bad thing is that they have nothing better to bring up from the minors because their front office is so inept.

  5. 2 minutes ago, BGleas said:

    I don't know that would have done anything other than make them slightly better and screw up their payroll even more.

    Robert Williams is really turning into a good player and does everything Turner does except stretch the floor. 

    Turner would have been the defensive player of the year if he hadn't.missed the last month of the season

  6. 1 minute ago, BGleas said:

    The Celtics are just so undermanned right now. You can't beat a team like this when you're missing 3 of your top 5-6 guys. 

    @dgambill, agree on Smart. I love his effort and energy, and in a way he's the heart and soul of the team, but the Celtics need an offensive and size talent upgrade at the Smart's salary slot. They have so much money tied up in Tatum, Brown, Kemba and Smart, and that is not a championship foursome. 

    Ainge will need to figure that out this offseason. Ideally, you'd want to move Kemba and/or Smart, but unfortunately it might be Brown that goes since he would net more in return. 

    Ainge probably should have made the trade for Turner when he had a chance

  7. Reds starters can't seem to go past 5 innings and with their bullpen that is a bad combination.  Gray was given a 2-0 after the first but gave it up quickly and leaves after 4.2 innings trailing 4-2

  8. Reds are trying to break the record for the most double plays hit into in one game. So far in 4 innings they have hit into 3 double plays and the record is 7

  9. 44 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

    If you are watching on TV, the dead time hurts the game.

    If you are at the ballpark, the dead time is part of what baseball great.  It provides time for conversation to connect with those you are at the park with.  As a father, I enjoy watching live baseball more than basketball and football because we have time to talk.  

    I agree especially for us older guys but the younger crowd are looking at their phones

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  10. 28 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

    Some people complain...I've never understood the rationale though...it was ok for 100 years, now the games take too long...

    It is not the length of the game that is the problem but the pace of it.  There is just to much dead time in the game for people to keep their attention.  Between all the walks and K's and pitching changes a lot of people won't watch the whole game






  11. 2 hours ago, IUFLA said:

    He got 11 pitches...maybe that's all Girardi thought he needed...don't want to overwork the closer...might need him for a whole inning tomorrow...

    The guy before him, David Hale, hadn't pitched since the 20th, so he needed some work too...


    Well people complain about the pace of baseball and these unnecessary pitching changes are part of the problem

  12. 15 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

    Sometimes they just want to get a guy some work in a live game...especially if the game is a lost cause...

    Looked it up...Neris is their closer, and hadn't worked since the 27th...There ya go...

    Why not just let him start the inning

  13. Don't understand managers. Watching the Reds and Phillies and the Reds up 11-1 in the bottom of the 8th. With two outs and no one on the Phillies manager makes a pitching change.  Why in the world would there be a reason to make a switch there.

    Today the Reds have had to u likely heros today.

    Kyle Farmer- 3-4 HR,Double, single 5 RBI.

    Matt Schrock- 3-4 HR, Triple, Double 3 RBI


  14. 13 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

    They're all 57+...don't think they'll do you much good...


    Have you seen what the Reds have in the bullpen this year because at 57 they would be better

  15. 54 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

    Maybe you or some of the other Reds fans can chime in on this statement. When I see them for a series I see several good parts but for some reason they just never seem to add up. Maybe it's just as simple as bad pitching?? 


    Right now they are down 3 starters in Votto, Moose and Senzel which shortens their lineup.  The front office didn't do a thing to upgrade the roster from last year.  They traded their closer in Inglesesias for about nothing.  They let Archie Bradley go do that was their two best bullpen guys from last year.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Seeking6 said:

    Hopefully Cubs finish off sweep today. Need every win we can get. After today next 17 are Padres (2x), Giants, Cards, and Mets. Toughest stretch of the year on paper.

    The Reds are pathetic and are terrible at the fundamentals of the game.  First 2 runs were unearned and the 4 run 6th came from 4 walks and 2 hits.

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