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  1. Wiggins from Maryland is staying in the draft. Losing him and Morsel really hurts their standing in the big ten.
  2. I thought I heard 16 mil
  3. The difference is that the only reason for the subs were foul trouble and not just subbing because it was time. In each half 4 guys played the when half. Also I have watched some regular season games and it was the same subbing pattern.
  4. Just watched the 81 championship game and that team played so great in that tournament. Thing that struck me is that how the game and how it was coached is do different now. In this game IU played only 7 guys and 3 starters played all 40 minutes. IT, Tolbert and Wittman played 40 minutes. Turner played the first 35 minutes until fouling out. Kitchell played the first 5 minutes but got 3 fouls and did not play the rest of the game. J. Thomas played the last 27 minutes of the game. Risley played like 12 minutes.
  5. Well the Reds took advantage the second time this series that Ross took out a pitcher to early
  6. Thank you David Ross for taking out Hendricks after 6 innings after giving up only 1 run. Hopefully the Reds will take advantage of this
  7. It is actually nice to see two pitchers Miley and Hendricks that no how to pitch. They don't just go out and try to strikeout every batter bit they know how to pitch.
  8. Love to see the Reds get Kimberly but that would be a long shot
  9. Is there any chance with getting Curry from CG
  10. Weiskamp is staying in the draft and that is a huge hit to Iowa. Liddell coming back to OSU so that should make them one of the top 5 teams in the big ten
  11. Love this finals because I hope both cities give it to the cry babies from ESPN who don't want to go to these cities.
  12. Glad to see the Reds bullpen actually pitching well of late. There hitting had not been there the last few games but have won 3 in a row because of pitching
  13. Hope you had a great time with your family
  14. Lopez went 4-5 the night before but Bell put Suarez back into the lineup
  15. Thank you David Ross for the win tonight. Why in the world you take out Mills with two outs in the 6th with a 2 hitter. Even though there was guys on 1st and 2nd but the Reds hadn't hot him hard at all
  16. So far in this game the Reds have is making another mediocre at best pitcher look like Cy Young. Mills has a 5.11 eta and over 7 on the road. So far tonight he is shutting out the Refs in the 4th. Mills for some reason pitches well against the Reds but not against anyone else.
  17. On Indiana Sports Beat yesterday they were talking to Matt Taylor the Colts radio broadcaster. He brought up a good point that just look at the Colts and Pacers players and there are very few of them that does many advertising in the local media. He said if these professional athletes are not getting the local endorsement why would college athletes.
  18. Reds win 5-4 with a walk off single by Stephenson
  19. Well looks like the Reds is finding away to lose again with a throwing error by the rookie Lopez with two outs. Also SD is a good ruining team and a stem base got them in scoring position before the error. Last night the Reds brought in a lefty reliever with the bases loaded and we gave up a grand slam. To ight we had the bases loaded in the 7th and Winker grounded out weakly not the second baseman. A key play in tonight's game was in the 3rd and had already scored two runs and had the bases loaded. Stephenson was ahead in the count 3-0 and was against a guy who was just called up. Stephenson swung on 3-0 and popped out.
  20. Well the Reds can't catch a break with rain delays. Last night it didn't start raining until after SF took the lead in a grand slam. Tonight Castillo had a no hitter through 4 and the Reds were up 2-0. After the delay Castillo gave up 3 runs to n 1.1 innings. Score is 3-3 in the top of the 8th. All of these games against SD except one was a 1 or 2 run game so they have been close. The main difference is the bullpen and that is why SD is good and the Refs are not
  21. I wonder if a realtor could have a player do some advertising for them and give them a rental house for free
  22. You have to wonder why the leading scorer off of a top team is transferring.
  23. What is bad is that the Reds went 17-12 in June and lost two games in the standings. They finished the month 4-9 and was only 2 games out if first 2 weeks ago
  24. I hope people around these kids have taught them about taxes because they will have to pay them. Also heard someone bring up if a kid signed a contract with a company for 2 years but the kid decides to transfer. Will that player have to repay some of the money by breaking the contract.
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