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  1. Well the Reds had one good inning against SD when the had a 4-0 lead after 1. Now a rain delay in the 6th the Reds are down 7-5. In the 6 games against SD they have given up 18 home runs.
  2. Suarez is not in the lineup and Lopez starting at 3B. A not do great stat. Reds are 2-16 vs the Giants, Padres and Diamondbacks. Reds are 37-23 vs the rest of the league. They hav played 15 teams and ate .500 or better against 12 of those teams.
  3. The Reds would have been better off if they kept the DH in the NL this year.
  4. Suarez defense had been better at 3b than it was at SS. Also they said Lopez really hasn't played SS do who knows how that would go. At least Farmer makes all the plays defensively. You use to could hide a light hitting SS who plays great defense bit can't do that today.
  5. I guess Larry Brown won't be talking to coach Woodson any longer. Wonder if IU ever offered Brown a job or did we not want to go that route due to his problems with the NCAA
  6. I disagree that it is weaker so far because there are no #300+ teams on the schedule. The mid major teams we are playing are way better than the low majors we use to play.
  7. Yes, I saw that but they will probably just sit him on the bench and maybe play once a week.
  8. Reds lose 5-4 and we can't beat the west division. There was 16 pitchers used in 9 innings and made for a long game. SD left 16 runners on base as they had 12 hits and 7 walks.
  9. Suarez has been pretty much worthless the last two years. Tonight he is 0-4 with 4 K's and an error. His batting average coming in was .175 and was not much better last year
  10. Reds hanging in the game down 5-4 in the top of the 8th. SD had left the bases loaded 4 times in 7 innings
  11. It is early but so far SD is kicking the Reds ads once again. They have 5 runs on 9hits and it is only the 4th inning. Got a feeling that this is the start of the Reds losing ground in the division. They just can't compete with the good teams. Like tonight the Refs should have the advantage of having SF starting a reliver but the Reds bat as been quite
  12. What is the date that the players have to decide to come back or not. You got Lidell at OSU, Dickinson at UM and the two at Maryland. Those players will be the difference for their teams from being really good to just a good team.
  13. So, it is about team first but now it is about me
  14. I really hate the shift and it cost the Refs one run in the 3rd and could have been worse. SD had runner on 1st with one out and Caratini a lefty hit a routine ground ball right where the SS should be playing but no one was there. It would have been an easy DP but it was a single. Layer SD got a run on a Sacrifice fly. By the way SD plays a fun game to watch and ate very fundamental. They have hit two Sacrifice flies tonight and use their speed well.
  15. Going to be a bullpen night for SD. They scratched Blake Snell and is starting Stramen who hasn't started since 2010
  16. Bad start for the Reds being down 2-0 going to the bottom of the 1st. Playing top team like SD and the west division has not been good for the Reds
  17. Trae Young out of game 4. Can't remember so many star players missing playoff games. Use to you would have to have a severe injury to miss a payoff game but not today. Isaiah barely could walk after an ankle injury in the finals against the Lakers but stayed in the game and scored 25 points in the 4th quarter
  18. I thought the same thing with First and Kaufman being a log jam at the 4. If he wants to major in business then Kelly school is one of the best
  19. Reds in a rain delay
  20. Syracuse ND. St. John's. N. Kentucky Marshall That is not that bad of a start to the non conference schedule. Add another 1 or 2 good teams and it will be a good non conference schedule. You don't want to schedule like MSU and over load on top teams in your first year as coach.
  21. I work Wednesday-Sunday and if a Holiday falls on my day off I still get a holiday pay. With the 4th of July on Sunday and if I work from that day I will get double time
  22. I understand that but saying a team like WVU should not get an in state kid over IU. I understand if they pick up football programs but WVU isn't a top program
  23. I am afraid as a Reds fan that this will be the last year Castellanos will be on the Reds. Since he can opt out which seems very likely we probably won't be able to match the offer. Wonder if they will trade him at the deadline to get something good for him.
  24. I would hate to lose an in state player to WVU. I wish think we would lead in this recruitment with his HS QB on our roster
  25. I am surprised on Jalen Washington you didn't have Purdue as a competition for Jalen
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