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  1. I would assume the final 3 would be IU, UNC and KU but hopefully he decides IU is the place and signs in November.
  2. Saw a tweet on the other board from a Vandy insider and said that they might get Shittu but probably not Garland.
  3. I never said they are a contending team but I feel like this trade is a lot better for the Pacers than you give it credit. I think this team is a lot more enjoyable to watch because of the style of play. They no longer use a lot of one on one isolation like they did with PG.. You see ball movement and off the ball screens and Sabonis is great at setting screens. You don't see players whining to officials after every call like PG did.
  4. Watch the show on BTN about the 81 team because RMK was about to kick Tuner off the team. He told Turner he had one last chance in a game against Northwestern and he went in and di a good job.
  5. Pacers were without two key players as well in Turner and Robinson.
  6. It is the same San Antonio team that came in 4-1 without Leonard.
  7. Watching the Pacers/Spurs game and the Pacers need to get rid of Lance Stephenson. He can't play in this up tempo ball movement type of offense. He stops the ball and thinks he has to do everything one on one and it clogs up the offense/
  8. I highly doubt a basketball player picks a school because how a football team does. If that was the case then we wouldn't ever have gotten top players.
  9. I swear it was before he won his 3rd championship.
  10. Actually I thought it was after the 86 season he almost left for New Mexico.
  11. That would ruin the NCAA tournament
  12. That is what college basketball is all about is the love of the name on the front of the jersey and not the back.
  13. Start Colin with Newkirk, Johnson, Morgan, Davis
  14. He seems to get worse every year. A few weeks back I was watching an old IU game in the 92 tournament and Buckner was doing the game. He did a very good job then but he is going downhill lately.
  15. Also did anyone else get tire do the Pacers broadcast last night because Quinn Buckner is so annoying on the broadcast. He was whining about every call last night and he cuts off the play by play guy all the time. Also noticed that PG was his old self last night constantly whining to the officials last night.
  16. her in Indy there are a lot people around the team who disagree with about PG mentality. The public address announcer for the Pacers and has a talk show talked about how PG was not mentally tough. Heard one long time journalist Mark Montieth who said he always backed PG but looking at it that PG had one foot out the door every since he joined the pacers.
  17. It is alright for people to disagree as long as we keep it civil. that is why I love this site more than any other site because of the civility.
  18. Just hope it is not our fans stalking him on twitter where it makes him think twice about IU.
  19. I still would rather build my team like UW and Villanova than a UK or Duke. I just don't want a total roster turnover every year. Look at UK this year where they only have two players coming back that played last year. At least Duke does have some experience with the young talent.
  20. How about teams like Villanova and UW who has been very successful and build their teams with 4 year players. Also look at UNC where they have not been getting top 10 players but build there teams with players 15-100 and has done very well. UNC until this past year has not had many one and done players and they usually stay 3 to 4 years.
  21. Just look at teams like Villanova and UW who has been as successful as anyone over the last decade. They are built with 4 years players and don't have many 5 star players. I fall you care about is the championship then most years you are going to be disappointed. To me college basketball is about more than just winning the championship. It is about watching players develop and your team develop over the years. It is the instant gratification era we are in where people get way to impatient and want to win at any cost.
  22. You don't need a whole roster of one and done players to win big. Since the one and done rule went into affect only 3 teams won a championship with a one and done player on their roster. Let me guess that you are in the younger generation of fan and probably won't understand what I am going to say. To me what I have loved about college basketball all these years is watching players come in and see them develop over the 4 years. I like seeing a team develop over a few years and go through some up and downs then one year everything comes together and you make a run at the championship.
  23. UK and Duke can have there #1 rankings with all one and done players. What I like about this class if Garland and Langford commits is it is balanced. It probably has one or maybe two one and done players but others that will be around for 4 years to be the building blocks for the future. I have said many times I don't want a roster full of one and dones but don't mind one or two here and there.
  24. Last night you could tell that the Pacers were on the second night of a back to back. Also with the Thunder being at home with time off you could expect a game like last night. The Pacers played hard and was able to compete for a couple of quarters but did not have the legs at the end to win.
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