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  1. 12 minutes ago, Hoosier98 said:

    There is a lot of speculation about the coaches, administration, and execs of different companies, but I haven't seen anything about what it means for the athletes.  Will players that have been proven to take money be ineligible/kicked out of school or what? I'm sure there are a number of things that could happen, but is there a precedent for this that might be on a smaller scale? 

    They would definitely lose their eligibility and couldn't play in college

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  2. 1 minute ago, Zuckerkorn said:

    re: Doyel. 

    I don't give a lot of credence to the crystal ball predictions, but I can't help but notice that KU isn't even mentioned.  Currently it's just us and UL for Romeo.   That doesn't suggest any "likely KU commitment" at all.

    Kent Sterling for the last few months said it was between IU and Kansas but I did not know where he was getting that info.

  3. 6 minutes ago, SoInHoosier25 said:

    Shared in another thread and figured I would put it here. Let's hope we can sway him when he visits! 

    Like I have said in another post that I would not worry about what Doyel has to say. He wrote an article stating that Wilkes was a lock for IU last year.

  4. 3 minutes ago, CauseThatsMyDJ said:

    If you are Purdue you have to be worried about the Swanigan recruitment, right?

    I was always laughed at by Purdue fans and even some of our fans when I said that Swanigan never looked at us because we were not a Nike school.  I was told that shoe companies did not have a big influence on where a recruit go to school but I guess I am having the last laugh.

  5. I hope all of this will help transform the college game and get it back to what it is suppose to be and that is an activity for college student. it was not suppose to be a training ground for the NBA and it is time the NCAA and the NBA get together and make serious changes.  We need at least the baseball rule where you can go to the NBA right out of high school or you go to college for 3 years.  This would allow the players who don't want to go to college an avenue to play the game and leave the college game for real student/athletes.  This would also stop agents from coming to college campuses every year trying to entice the athletes to go pro.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, 68Hoosier said:

    Me too.  I sure hope Crean was as good a person as we thought he was and that he had his assistants under control.  Johnson has me worried the most.

    I am always worried about coaches especially when they are on the hot seat and might do something wrong to save their jobs.  That is why I just don't like how our fans treat coaches and call for their jobs because it might lead them to do something they normally wouldn't do.

  7. 11 hours ago, Stlboiler23 said:

    Not sure why they weren't interested. Regardless, I'm thrilled with the pickup and think he'll be really good for us. 

    I don't know if it had to do with the fact that he plays for a small school and is in 2A. My kids school is 2A and the competition is not great so maybe that had a little to do with that.

  8. 55 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

    I literally take great steps to not be married to my phone.  When I get home, my phone goes into a basket in the kitchen with my wallet and keys. 

    My personality is that I don't need to be the first to know information.  Same reason that I've never paid for premium content on a site like this.  Between work and the kid's activities, I feel  I have enough things demanding my attention.  If I'm out and want to know a score, I pull it up on espn.com, and I'll check back every 30 minutes or so.   

    Since I don't need immediate information, I'm perfectly content getting info from the web and letting someone share it through a site such as this.

    Same with me and I don't even have a smart phone.  I pay enough for my two kids to have their phones so I don't need to buy me one.  To me all the technology is hurting sports and the way people view sports.  It use to be special to watch a game and it seemed to men more than it does today. To me sports are going to be in trouble because I think there is to much over saturation.

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