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  1. So far the Refs bats are asleep again. Down 4-2 to the Phillies going to the top of the 7th. They are making two mediocre pitchers look like Cy Young which is happening a lot lately.
  2. Probably good to get one road game in the non conference. Not great playing your first road game in the conference.
  3. Probably don't have that much say in the schedule
  4. That is a big loss for Maryland. Any word on the other two Maryland players who is going through the draft process
  5. I thought we should have a home game this year but will play on the road for the second straight year.
  6. I saw where we will play at Syracuse in the ACC/Big Ten challenge
  7. Well I will follow up with all the negative about your team with my Reds. Two weeks ago we swept the Brewers to move to 2 games out of first. Now we are 6 games out with 7 more games on this home stand, 1 Phillies, 3 SD and 3 vs the Cubs. We need win at least 4 if not 5 but very doubtful.
  8. Sea Turtle let's look at what had happened in the last 3 months since coach Woodson took over. Talked players out of the Portal TJD. Race. Lander. Geronimo. Stewart Recruits he got to stay with their commitment. Duncomb. Gunn. New recruit Bates close to being a 5 star. Transfers he brought a in. Johnson. Kopp. Durr. So to me all this adds up to a very successful off season. You come on here after one recruit chooses another school. That recruit also turned down home state team UVA and UNC.
  9. Can Washington, Kaufman and Furst all play together
  10. I have never played fantasy sports and really have no clue how it works. With this new job I don't have as much time to devote to sports.
  11. You saw how I did in picking college games last year so I am not good at these kind of things
  12. I looked last night they averaged over 120 5 times in the 80's
  13. Look at the Nuggets scoring with Alex English. The team scoring average for the decade of the 80's was 109 per game. The second highest to.tje 60's at 115 per game
  14. Offenses were really good in the 80's
  15. Like the 80's NBA better with the show time Lakers
  16. Like I said I just got back home from work and have only watched the last 8 minutes. To me it is an all right game but still way touch down time the lady few minutes of the game.
  17. Why was it not a violation on PG when he went over the line before the ball hit the rim.
  18. Got he at the end of the 3td quarter and thought it was a replay of a game from the 90's with this score. Agree with Mark Jackson saying if teams struggle today on offense they don't have many low post guys to just pass it into them
  19. I think if this team is healthy at best this team is a 5 seed on the east.
  20. Not talking about position but we need a batman and less Robin
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