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  1. What a disgraceful performance today by the Reds losing to the Cubs 3-2. The Reds in the 9th had runners on 1st and 3rd and no outs and don't score. They took 3rd strikes right down the middle twice and you can't take those strikes. The Reds led 2-0 after the 1st inning but couldn't score again against the Cubs terrible pitching staff. They left the bases loaded twice but couldn't get the big hits.
  2. Wonder if Whop.is regretting leaving early
  3. I am sorry but how can Kent Sterling question anyone especially Ballard. Sterling is an idiot who just likes to himself talk.
  4. I wonder if they will look at Eric Fisher from KC for LT
  5. Reds are blowing chances to blow out the Cubs. Left the bases loaded in the 3rd and 4th innings with the game 2-2
  6. Colts picks a QB in the 6th round in Dam Elinenger from Texas
  7. Reds best the Cubs 8-6 despite the Reds bullpen trying to blow the game. Up 8-2 after 6 but the bullpen gave up 4 runs and left the bases loaded in the 9th. Also the umps tried to help the Cubs by calling balls on obvious 3rd strikes twice in the 9th.
  8. Is anyone else tired of the fans booing everytime Goodwill comes out to the stage to announce a pick.
  9. Wonder if Carbuello would decide to transfer gr UI
  10. I say he will never play college basketball. Wonder if Dane was his recruiter at MSU.
  11. Saw UK lost a top recruit. Top 30 guard Hickman has decommitted from UK
  12. Does sound like the same type of player as Smith
  13. If we are looking at another player wonder if the coaches knows someone else is planning on leaving.
  14. Was it me or did Fields not look excited after being drafted last night.
  15. I have never seen a team hit by injuries like the Pacers this year. Out tonight was Turner, Sabonis, Warren, Lamb, Goga. Tonight Brogdon went out of the game and now Sampson looked like he was knocked out.
  16. Why is it taking so long to get this pick in
  17. Was hoping to get him but I trust the coaching staff on getting the best players they can get.
  18. She was hot as Valerie Malone in Beverly Hills 90210
  19. Magic Johnson was the only player I was really a huge fan of. I was a Pacers fan first but when Magic went to the Lakers I followed them. Ever since I have only been fan of a team and not an individual player
  20. Because I was a fan of Magic and the Lakers
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