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  1. Seeing reports that Vic having season ending knee surgery, and that he could be out for all or most of next year.
  2. Love Tebow, but he should've done this a long time ago. He just wasn't a fit as an NFL QB though he was a great college QB.
  3. UM lost 10-2. IU 23-10 UM 22-10 Neb. 22-11 Iowa 21-14 Md. 21-14 Iowa has an easy schedule.
  4. We played really bad in this game. We made 5 errors and only 3 of Nebraska's runs were earned. We only got 3 hits but 10 walks. The hits were 2 HRs and a double. I was only listening to the game, but I really don't understand how a guy doesn't score from first base when there are 2 outs and the batter hits a double down RF line. Maybe 3d base coach being conservative and runner slow. The coaches have forgotten more baseball than I know, but I wonder why Litwicki wasn't brought in when Nebraska got to the top of their line up in 8th.
  5. "Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs. You kidding me? Just hope we can win a game."
  6. Robinson is an interesting story. The Heat told him they were sending him to the G-league. They told him to shoot whenever he was open even if only slightly so. That was the good news. The bad news was that he would always guard the best offensive player on the other team regardless of position. Guess that worked.
  7. For some of us this would not a good thing!
  8. OK. I'll amend that. You're never more open than when you catch the ball except when your defender falls down!
  9. You're never more open than when you catch the ball.
  10. Colopy has come into his own. Now we have 5 good hitters. Need some more!
  11. So is a team supposed to just recruit players who are only the same or worse than the ones they already have?
  12. Is that called manufacturing a run?
  13. Well if he can hit .225 he'll up the team BA a lot!
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