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  1. Agreed, it's full, but a lot can happen between now and the fall semester. Guess it all depends on if the staff wants to bring in anyone else, and thus push someone out.
  2. I think I agree with some of you that the Stevens talk of ever coaching at IU should be done. Now who knows, maybe 10 years down the road if we're in this position again, I'd possibly reconsider him. BUT, if it ever comes to that, there's no way I would ever offer him that kind of money again. At this point, I wouldn't even offer him the same as Calipari or Coach K. He had his chance and passed it up, his loss. And I also am having a really hard time thinking that he just loves the NBA and Boston that much to turn down that kind of money. I honestly wonder if he didn't want the pressure or expectations. If he ever takes another college job and it isn't IU, I think that will say a lot.
  3. Trying to follow along...is this the Mangas kid from IWU? If so, is there talk he might end up at IU?!
  4. Agreed, very strange. And if this hire doesn't work out, then that person should never be consulted again. He did specifically say it was a former IU player too. I'd love to know who as well.
  5. So it sounds like we have our 3rd and final assistant coach, this Rosemond guy? Does that mean Roberts is out, or does anyone have any info on what he's going to do? Can't imagine CMW getting rid of an IU guy, so maybe he keeps him on in a different role?? Apologies if this has already been discussed, it's difficult to keep up with everything lately.
  6. https://sportsmediapass.com/iu-coach-mike-woodson-fills-second-assistant-spot/
  7. Anyone think Wright is even a real possibility? If so, how would everyone feel about him?
  8. Does anyone know how the current players feel about Hunter? Is he someone they like and respect enough to stay and play for??
  9. So I guess I haven't missed anything new as of today? Still no clue what direction we're heading with our next coach? Trying to be patient, but I have to think our next coach is still in the tournament if nothing has been announced yet.
  10. I'm aroused just thinking about that, thanks! 🥴😂
  11. I completely agree, just thinking hypothetically. Overall the program is in a low spot, and I just can't imagine how low it would be if we miss on the next coach.
  12. Agreed on the thought that hiring Stevens means we got the absolute best candidate, checks all the boxes, etc. But no I wasn't saying it could get worse. All I'm saying is, what if even with Stevens, the results don't get better. If that were to happen, would that take the state of the program into an even darker period of discontent? I just don't want to think about what the mindset of the program would be if we end up at the point of, "We hired the guy we wanted, the best option, and it didn't work. What the hell do we do now?!"
  13. Hoiberg started his coaching career in college, spent 5 seasons at Iowa State before going to the NBA.
  14. I'm curious what everyone thinks about two things... 1. Where is the line drawn that "if we get any one of these coaches, we'll be fine" and most of the guys that are in the transfer portal will come back, vs "any one of those coaches, we'll probably be starting over and lose the transfers"? 2. Stevens is my first choice out of all the options that have been discussed. But, let's say we get him and he just doesn't get the job done, similar results as Miller. How bad would that be for the program if in 4-5 years we're again wondering if we need to find another new coach? Personally, I think it could be devastating, and that's what I really hope doesn't happen.
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