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  1. Not hearing good things about a return this season.... to answer your question. Time will tell.
  2. Thanks coach. Always a reward when we hear from you. Always on top of your game.... and please stay safe.
  3. Don't know when the game was played. However nice mention about Sheehey's uncle. Thanks for the share.
  4. From when Dan had hair, and one of my uncles was his god father.
  5. I think he is moving on..... with his life. But don't know for sure. Know his mom wants him to give it up. She's still pissed at I.U.
  6. Say what ???? BuffaLouie's on Twitter: "Had the pleasure of meeting Parker this afternoon. Whatever school is fortunate enough to add him to their roster, they are getting a heck of a lot more than just an amazing point guard. They are getting one of the finest young men we have ever had the pleasure of meeting." / Twitter
  7. Vaccine arrived in Colorado this morning (Dec. 14). We have a great friend, who is a health care worker. Who migrated to this country. From Ukraine. Mrs. mile and my son attended her U.S. citizenship ceremony. Got her nurse's license in Colorado. And has been treating patients tirelessly. Will be placing a call to find out when she gets the shot.... as front line workers in Colorado are scheduled to get the shots first.
  8. Once a dirty player.... always a dirty player.
  9. As far as farmer's cheese. Used to have a Polish deli that had it. Was a little drive from our house. Sadly... they closed their doors for good due to the pandemic. Mrs mile says there is a deli closer to our house that has farmers cheese...... but not all the time. Call ahead. Yes we do ours in butter.... then top with sour cream. Ummmm .
  10. Some kids want to stay. But are told to leave. Not sure what went on here or behind the scenes.
  11. Great add. I saw the younger group at our local high school a few years back. Put together by the Denver IU Alumni Association One of older group is HSN member.... and though he does not post much.... has posted on HSN 3.0 in the past I love this version.
  12. Another one from the Pentatonix : Hallelujah
  13. Unaware. I have been told the bucket game has been rescheduled to this Friday. Hope it happens.
  14. Our house gets filled with Christmas music every December. There are too many favorites. Here is one version I love : Mary, Did You Know? - Pentatonix
  15. Scored 23 in his return ......at Southport. Has improved his upper body.... while rehabbing.
  16. For me....Galloway has been a pleasant surprise.
  17. Yes. Washington with a really good start.... after his injury.
  18. I thought that TJD was looking disininterested on the bench... till that last shot of him... raising his arms and yelling.
  19. That would be cool too. Also word IU is working hard on the Washington kid from Gary. Not that he would be a walk on.
  20. Archie letting his freshman getting game time experience. Love it coach.
  21. Sorry you had to miss some of the game. But happy that you are able to watch... and join us.
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