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  1. I'm impressed! Talk about a high roller. That's golf royalty.
  2. What is going on lately. It feels like so many have been lost. With each one it always feels like something that mattered to me has been lost and the community is a little less. RIP.
  3. Do they ever? Exploration for profit seems to be a staple of the corporate playbook.
  4. The safety improvements in the cars have been phenomenal since those days. 1964 and 1973 were the two worst worst races I remember. The most exciting thing I have seen at the speedway in recent years was watching the Moto-GP bikes go through the turns at north end of the road course. They seemed to defy the laws of physics. They reached 210 mph at the end of the front straight, just sitting on a two wheeled rocket ship. Who needs seatbelts.
  5. You are correct. The authors name is Art and not Alan. At my age, I should not rely solely on memory for important details. The author's level of research and detail was really impressive to me. He also did a great job of handing the fallout and investigation after the accident. One other thing that stood out for was what a different breed of human being race car drivers are.
  6. "Black Noon" by Alan Garner is an excellent book about the 1964 Indianapolis 500. It details the events leading up to the race in which Eddie Sachs and Dave McDonald were killed. The insights into the mechanical and design problems reveal a lot about the days when just about anyone could build and enter a car. This is a must read for anyone who is a 500 junkie.
  7. They also were supplying the world with PPE's. They created a problem that they then sold products to protect people from. They are also leading the way with AI in facial recognition and have openly stated their intent to be technologically superior by the end of the decade. Anyone not concerned about the Chinese is simply burying their head in the sand.
  8. The variables in this race are so unpredictable that nothing is a sure thing. Loved the ending and the celebration was epic. HC has always been a great ambassador for the 500 and all things considered, I can't think of a more deserving winner.
  9. I can definitely relate. It's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. So many memories and so much elation and heartbreak. The drivers that have been lost and the ones who have been at the front of the field. I remember that I had gone out for a walk and then turned on the Las Vegas race only to hear that Dan Weldon had been killed. I had photographed him the previous year talking to fans. This sport can bring the highest of highs and rip your heart out within seconds. It should be a great race on Sunday. My only hope is that every driver comes home safely.
  10. It's great to see a thread for the 500. It's been a part of my life since I can remember. I spend quite a bit of time reading the Trackforum during racing season. I signed up as a member, but I don't post there. Those guys are out of my league. A lot of insiders and some crew members as well. Great perspective of what really happens at the speedway and IndyCar in general. That place has been in my blood for a really long time. Great to talk to other IMS fans.
  11. Awesome! I can see both sides of the blackout argument, but it seems archaic in this day and age. Of course, I'll watch and or listen no matter what. Just like I have every May since the mid 50's.
  12. It is absolutely shocking how exposed the drivers were in those days. I really like Dixon and think he is an absolute master. But the stuff that Foyt did in every format imaginable, makes him the best ever in my opinion. There are so many variables, especially across eras, that a direct comparison is impossible.
  13. This seems heavy handed. Student populations are one of the least impacted age groups. I understand the need to take precautions, but at least allow for alternatives for those who are uncomfortable with the vaccine. We are moving into authoritarian territory here.
  14. I take COVID seriously and do what I can to protect myself. I try to avoid getting sick, period. I recognized the fear tactics being used early on and presented it. I was reminded of the daily scorecard of those killed and injured during the Vietnam war. I just want an honest assessment of risk and who is most vulnerable. And, especially during the early months, I wanted the constant over the top news stories to stop. Someone trying to manipulate me is one thing I will not tolerate.
  15. I've often wondered what an alien civilization would think after observing us following dogs around and picking up their feces. Who would they think were the superior species? Although, I agree, they probably concluded that intelligent life didn't exist on this planet. Nothing to see here.
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