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  1. Purdue had a really good team this year. They were the best in our conference. They lost again in an embarrassing fashion. My thoughts are that they didn't have a lot of talent beyond Edey who was a really good college big. Unfortunately for them, they are playing a game that no longer exists at the elite level of college basketball. I hate Purdue but like CMP and think he is doing the best he can with the resources available to him.
  2. I know everyone is mad, but do we still get a participation trophy?
  3. I never understood how people could question CMW's coaching ability. He has coached at the highest level and he played at IU for a legendary coach. Not many people have the background he has. That said, I have seen him grow so much from last year to this one. I believe we are in good hands going forward.
  4. You are right about that, brother. I'm am old guy now and damn lucky to be here. The chances I have taken over the years scare me just thinking about them. I hope there is no rush to judgement here and the proper amount of time is taken to sort this out.
  5. CMW this week didn't sound all that positive that XJ would return at all. Said he still wasn't practicing or doing contact drills. Also said he was going to meet with him about what XJ wanted to do. While I think he will give it a shot just because he doesn't want his career to end like this, I'm not sure he will be physically ready to play at a high level.
  6. It feels like we are getting close to just dropping the pretenses and letting schools hire a basketball team. The evolution of this is not going to be pretty. Nothing corrupts like money.
  7. If I was his coach, I would address it from the standpoint of maintaining emotional control. The incident is inconsequential but the behavior, if left unchecked, could cost his team at some point. The player has some maturing to do. Part of a coaches responsibility is the personal development of young people.
  8. Every possibility exists somewhere in the multi verse. Even you are a Purdue student somewhere there.
  9. About three years ago I noticed that my vision in my left eye had degraded significantly. Made an appointment with my optometrists and found out that a capillary in my retina had ruptured. Was referred to a retina specialist and began a series of injections in the eye to reduce swelling. I learned the true meaning of "needle in the eye" and didn't like it much. Thankfully, the injections did their job, the retinal swelling went down, and my vision has returned to the previous level. I never had the flashes of light but that is the first question they ask at each appointment. I'm going to need cataract surgery at some point and I have scar tissue on my left retina that may need to removed eventually, unless, of course, I die first. Things are stable now and not more shots for almost two years. I feel for anyone having serious eye issues. Very frightening stuff.
  10. I took that as a pre-emptive strike in preparation for the Indiana game. TJD will be target number one.
  11. Agree completely with your overall point. However, after a serious tornado hit southern Indiana an Indianapolis TV station sent a team, including the anchor, down to cover the story. The anchor while interviewing a power company worker asked him if they had gotten the internet back online. That was the last of the worries for a devastated town. The power company guy had a confused look on his face like he couldn't believe what she had just asked him.
  12. Lots of very bad things. After Sampson flipped Gordon from Illinois to IU, their fanbase went ballistic. Honestly, I get why they were mad but threats and objects being thrown at family members was way over the top. Frazier bringing that back up is classless and inappropriate for someone in a position of leadership. It's not what he should be promoting to his student-athletes.
  13. Sad on so many levels. Does anyone help these kids with life skills or do they just focus on their athletic skills.
  14. He fills a position of need and is arguably a major upgrade to what we have had. We would have been ecstatic if we would have gotten him out of high school. Let's surround him with pieces and see what happens.
  15. Exactly. As much as I want IU to be really good in football, we are realistically playing for fourth place in the B1g East. Unless something drastic changes, we will never compete for talent with the top of the conference.
  16. Not happy to see this, well happy for him. He is likely to continue to rise up the draft boards now that he is the featured guard for IU. He has size and skill. Chances he is back get smaller every day.
  17. Could IU football be a Phoenix about to rise from the ashes?
  18. As with all things, a non-zero chance exists.
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