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  1. Haven’t seen this posted yet. How would you not want (or want to have your kid) play for him? Heck, I want to start tackling things. https://twitter.com/coachalleniu/status/1418406150878507013?s=21
  2. Sounds like it may have been more of a shot at PJ Fleck. I find it ironic that he used the term sloganeering which sounds like everything he’s speaking against here. I will always remember him as the coach that was supposed to bring Nebraska football back that complained about the conference schedule being too hard. Then the next season he got both IU and PU and lost to both.
  3. Is it just me or is the buy in bigger than we’ve seen for this 2022 class? He’s gotten a few tweets from commits as have a few other recruits.
  4. Edited. Looks like I misunderstood what he meant. It’s still tough to imagine looking at Purdue football and wanting to stake your future on it. This feels similar to a basketball recruit (I don’t know if we’re allowed to say the name anymore) that went with the in state school that had momentum. Both cases worked against us. Oh well, on to the next one. There’s always a next one.
  5. You’d think that, but IU had a player do it this year.
  6. Looks like it’s time to move to the new phase of these recruitments. Be nice and hope to keep the door open if they decide to transfer.
  7. Not playing Notre Dame next year seems to be a big giveaway he’s going somewhere else.
  8. Someone isn’t excited about the 2030 series with Notre Dame.
  9. I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places here but there was a reunion for former players and managers last weekend in West Baden. Anyone know how long it was planned? It looks like CMW spoke, I’d be interested to hear what it was about. I think the big news is that Bon Knight was there. Curious if there was any other info or thoughts out there.
  10. Some brisket and pig shots. That’s sausage wrapped in bacon filled with cream cheese with a peach habanero glaze. Ive read about smoking cream cheese so I gave that a try, too. Waiting to see how it tastes.
  11. I don’t follow soccer recruiting much but this seems like a good thing.
  12. I really like hearing Peyton Manning compliment Penix. On a (somewhat) related note at the Gator Bowl they recognized different players before the game. Archie Manning was the only one that got cheered by everyone in the stadium.
  13. Based on Twitter it looks like she visited some athletic facilities last night. She met with some coaches and athletes and threw a solid pass to Tom Allen.
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