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  1. Slim. And Slim just left town............ McHoop
  2. Apparently, some are not familiar with the "Peter Principle"......................🙄 McHoop
  3. Eric Gordon's wrist and OG's knee "like" this post.......................... 😜 McHoop
  4. Yeah, I also "knew" a few Martinsville girls as well.... liked to prowl around Tiny's after ballgames... McHoop
  5. I played a fair amount of hoops with Sichting and the Mask boys at the M'ville City Park back in the seventies. I think Sichting actually lived adjacent to the park, close to the court. McHoop
  6. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.............. McHoop
  7. Wait. What? Pass. He might as well said "I'm taking my services to Lexington." Commitment video..... bwahahahaha. And yes, I know we're in a pandemic. McHoop
  8. I felt that those two possessions late in the game where Thompson found himself switching and matched up against Trice were disastrous for IU. Both times ended in points for UW and at least one foul on IU. He hustled today but it wasn't his best outing. McHoop
  9. I don't really get it....... Five to six pages dedicated to probably the fifth best player in the state of Indiana right now; just because he verballed to PUke. Yawn. McHoop
  10. Gonna get ugly. UI's guards will shred IU's backcourt. RP ailing/recovering from whatever ails him, Franklin's a frosh and the remaining two, meh....... you all know. McHoop
  11. Hope he sorts things out. That aside, hate to hear he won't play tomorrow as he was one of Indiana's top contributors during the game earlier this month...............😉 McHoop
  12. Personally, I wouldn't have guessed the conference coaches defending Crean and talking up his coaching abilities. Ulterior motives? Likely. Just like the situation with Miller. And Howard hasn't done anything yet to impress me @ UM. McHoop
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