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  1. To all interested, Ken's final resting place is Fort Logan National Cemetery: https://www.cem.va.gov/cems/nchp/ftlogan.asp Below is his current placard as well as what the finished will look like:
  2. Awesome! I'll keep the GoFundMe for Ken open in that case. Thanks.
  3. I want to thank everyone for the GoFundMe contributions and to anyone who sent Ken's wife, Jo, a card to the address posted. I am going to shut down the GoFundMe this Friday so if anyone wishes to still contribute, know this would be the deadline for it and anything afterward would have to be mailed to her directly at the address provided in the original post. I'll be adding my own contribution and writing a check to her for the complete amount this weekend. The family wants to eventually read through this thread once they are ready. A personal thank you to all who commented and shared th
  4. That's great to hear. I wasn't sure if anyone knew his family or how to contact them.
  5. I can only speak for me, but I only knew Eric a little bit and do not know his family. I started this one for Ken because he was a great friend and I'm very close with his family. I'm aware of the financial burden his wife will have. If someone knows more information about Eric's family and can get one started, I would be all for it.
  6. Thanks, Cali! I've never done a fundraiser like this before so I had no idea what to make for a goal, so I just threw the number out there. I also reached out to the local IU chapter to see if they can distribute to the Colorado IU family and another friend of mine and I posted to a couple of veteran boards, as well. My girlfriend and I have yet to contribute, too, so I'm hoping we soar right over the goal. I completely agree with your sentiments about loss this time of year. I will see her tomorrow as we're attending a funeral for an elderly friend of her family. Tough times all around this y
  7. Maybe a mod or someone can have him permanently logged in as tribute. He was on all the time. He would say that since he was retired, he had no real schedule so he would sleep whenever he wanted which meant he was up at all hours haha. It makes sense that he seemed to always be on. It also goes to show how much he invested into the site.
  8. There were many times that I was over there when it came on. There was nothing to be discussed during that show, only Jeopardy to be enjoyed. It was a household commitment.
  9. I'm not really sure how to do that... is someone here the account owner that could?
  10. All, Please see the link to the GoFundMe. I'm also editing my original post to have it included. Thank you to everyone for the kind words, stories and expressions contained in this thread. I will be showing to his family and I'm sure they will be touched to know how he was viewed and will be remembered. https://www.gofundme.com/f/ken-kurowski?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
  11. Thanks bluegrass! I'm hoping to have the fundraising campaign up this weekend, as well, in hopes to reach a broader audience. I'm not sure how many know, but in addition to being a pillar in our online community and an IU graduate ('68), he was also an Army veteran. I'm looking into what resources may be available for his family there, too.
  12. I updated my original entry with the home address for anyone interested in sending their condolences. Please also feel free to share any stories you have as I'm sure that would mean a lot to her. Thank you.
  13. Thank you both! I went over to their home to help comfort the family late Monday evening and his wife asked that I let the site know as she knew how much you all meant to him. Writing to let HSN know of his passing was incredibly difficult. It happened so suddenly that I'm not sure I had time to truly process. Sitting down and putting words together for you made it sink in... I even put it off for a day so my apologies on the delayed communication. I was just stuck for a moment.
  14. Thank you. Whatever you choose to do, I would be more than happy to pass on. I haven't gotten her consent to divulge details such as home address, but DM me and at the very least I can give you mine and will make sure her and their son receive it.
  15. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell everyone that Ken Kurowski, aka milehiiu, passed away Monday, December 14th, 2020. He fell down the basement stairs of his home and hit his head, rendering him unconscious and hemorrhaging in his brain. Medics from the fire station were only a couple minutes from his home and were able to get to him quickly. He was immediately sent to the hospital for operation, but they were not able to save him. He was pronounced dead around 7 PM MT. He was 74 years old. I had spoken to him only hours earlier. He asked how the job hunt was going, if I liked the
  16. It's with a heavy heart that I post here now after receiving the news from Milehi today. I knew him less than he, but knew enough to say he was a good soul taken from us too soon... and if I could make 2020 become 2021 with the snap of my finger, we would all be rid of this wretched year. I've lost my job, two people close to my family, my grandmother and I have my step-father who is now dealing with his third bout of cancer... the news of Eric takes no backseat to these. His impact to us is insignificant when compared to what he meant to his family and loved ones, but is not insignificant on
  17. haha Thx, bro!!! I got this "Newbie" status stuck on my profile... any thoughts on getting that changed to "Legend" 😉 (J/K) I've been away doing my thing for some time and Mile kept chipping away at me to come back every time we would see eachother... and so it worked. I can't promise I'll be the regular I used to be, but I will definitely be on more and can hopefully contribute.
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