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  1. Garbage? Nah, I don’t think so — I would expect them to still be in the top half of the league. And I think MSU bounces back. But the Big Ten looks to be down next year after a brutal stretch over the last few years. There doesn’t appear to be any clearly elite team, but Michigan and Purdue should be very tough. I think IU as currently restructured should be able to compete for a top 5 finish.
  2. Yep, very favorable schedule. Double plays against Minnesota, Nebraska, and Penn State, only playing Michigan and Illinois once at home, and only playing MSU and Iowa once on the road is nice.
  3. Not too upset about this one... Mike Woodson recruited over him with Kopp. It’s a shame he could never live up to the hype with his leg condition. An athletic, shot blocking big is a more pressing need for this roster anyway. Let’s see who Mike Woodson brings in.
  4. I hope so. The last few years, I’ve been jealous watching other teams that can switch between man and zone and do both effectively. We went from Crean and... whatever he was trying to do on defense, to Archie, who refused to ever make any adjustments no matter how badly we were getting killed hedging ball screens or losing three point shooters. Would be nice to finally have a coach with an effective defensive philosophy.
  5. I’m not sure... In this highlight video, it doesn’t seem like he was playing at the 4 much for Northwestern last year. Also looks a fair bit smaller than the 6’7 he’s listed at. Looks like more of a wing/3 to me. Ironically given our discussion here, Kopp makes Hunter look silly at the 1:55 mark of the video.
  6. Kopp and Hunter’s per 40 numbers were pretty similar last season — seems like we’re hoping that Kopp can regain his form from his sophomore year. I think they’re basically the same player, but it can’t hurt to add another shooter.
  7. Funny to see the new staff come in and rectify this glaring flaw in the roster within like three weeks. Seems like a no brainer, but I guess the guys running the last staff saw it differently...
  8. Interesting pickup... Seems kind of redundant with Hunter, so maybe that’s who the rumored transfer will be. Hopefully Kopp’s sophomore year wasn’t just a fluke, because his three point shooting numbers were pretty bad as a freshman and junior. But at least he’s always been lights out at the line. I figured Mike Woodson was going to go for a more athletic forward, but can’t complain about picking up a 10 ppg Big Ten player who should be able to be a catch and shoot threat at the very least.
  9. Could be a consistently ranked team if everything goes right. Who knows if it will, but the talent is there. Hell even Archie might have been able to coach this team to 20 wins with the roster as currently constructed. The addition of X, Stewart, and Bates is a total overhaul of our weakest position group, and you still have TJD manning the post. With hopefully improved scheme/coaching, there’s a lot more potential for next season.
  10. A little bit taller and lankier than Vic. Kind of looked like Aaron Henry to me.
  11. Alright, just finished watching the highlight tapes... Are we really comparing Phinisee to this kid? Phinisee is not on Bates’ level, “tough on defense” upperclassman or not. He just doesn’t have that kind of frame, athleticism, or shooting ability. We’ve seen what Phinisee is... He’s just not Big Ten starter material. But the nice thing is that there should be no preconceived notions or misplaced allegiance to the upperclassmen with the new staff. Whoever wins the starting spot in practice will get it. My money’s on X and Bates.
  12. Ha, I was never too down on the Mike Woodson hire from the beginning, right? “I can see clearly now, the Arch is gone...”
  13. Land an athletic shot blocking big in the transfer portal and let’s roll. Even as it is, this should be a really tough and well-balanced roster. A starting lineup of X, Bates, Stewart, Thompson, and TJD gives you a dynamic play-making PG flanked by two shooters with a solid defender/hustle guy at the 4 and a dominant All-American at the 5. Then you have a hopefully much improved Lander backing up X, Hunter and Leal providing more shooting off the bench, Phinisee and Galloway being plus defenders that Mike Woodson can play with shooters around them, and two young forwards with a lot of t
  14. Wowwww, this is HUGE. Landing top 50 guard talent like this consistently is the key to maintaining a successful program, and this kid immediately fills our biggest need at the guard spot. Our group of guards should go from a huge weakness last season to a strength next season. Can’t wait to see them play in the new offense. And we landed Bates out of nowhere with no smoke beforehand? This coaching staff is obviously connecting with recruits in a major way — getting those Juwan Howard vibes now. Exciting stuff.
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