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  1. Heading back to Michigan tomorrow from Tennessee. My tank is full but pulling a camper I only get 10 miles per gallon. I need another tankfull to make it home.
  2. My wife finished her Appalachian Trail adventure yesterday. She hiked 123 miles in 9 days averaging 13.7 miles per day. It was a tough hike this time as she had numerous thunderstorms, high winds, hail, cold temps and went a couple of days with no way to communicate her status. She can now rest up and start planning her next adventure. She is one tough mama.
  3. Thank you for the article. Looks like we will be butting heads with Coach Crean.
  4. TDH=The Best. I always look forward to their daily emails.
  5. Dropped my wife off at Standing Bear Farms in Eastern Tennessee this morning for her 11 day Appalachian Trail hike. She plans on averaging 15 miles per day.
  6. Trouble in Packer land as Rogers says he doesn't want to return.
  7. Put a dress and a wig on him and he would be their homecoming queen!
  8. He has a great looking swing.
  9. Fantastic! Please keep us posted on how he does. He is a good looking young man!
  10. Sorry my friend but if I were your wife you would be going hungry! lol
  11. Great job Ayden! I am proud of you!
  12. I wish Mile, Crester and Snowling were still with us. I would love to hear all of their comments on what has transpired. I miss all of them and think of them everyday. Great guys whose love for Indiana was off the charts.
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