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  1. So sorry to hear about your FIL. Prayers for your father in law and your family.
  2. Maybe the Pacer's will hire him. Calipari couldn't do any worse than the other bozos the Pacer's have hired.
  3. If I said salt was white and pepper was black some people on this forum would argue about it. I have no idea why people have to think they are always right. This is a forum for members to be able to have conversation without other member's trying to prove them wrong. It is no wonder some of our long time insider's no longer post like they used to. I shake my head sometimes at how petty people can be! We have our very own Facebook fact checkers! If this is offensive to those who know they are, mods feel free to ban me.
  4. I will be doing the same. I would feel differently if he been of been recruited by Indiana and chose another school like Ketchup. I could care less about those types of players. Luke is not only a tremendous player who makes his team better but he is also an outstanding person. He would of been a tremendous asset to Indiana both on and off the court.
  5. The young man in my opinion is better than Steve Alford and that slow, small, non-athletic guard didn't do too bad. And before you ask, yes I saw them both play in high school.
  6. Mr. Brown should be playing at Indiana. They can't talent and commitment like that slip through the cracks!
  7. Rest in Peace HTD. You will be missed. Condolences to your family and friends.
  8. I think of him, Mile and Snowling all the time. I still can't believe all three of those HSN stars passed within a few months of each other.
  9. Thank you for the updates. I really appreciate you doing this after Steve passed. He was such a great guy and a favorite HSN friend.
  10. I lived in that park and I remember the duplexes. If I remember correctly didn't they hold the Johnson County fair at the fairgrounds in Franklin? Remember the winter of 77 when it stayed below zero almost the whole month of January? That was the toughest winter I have ever experienced. The furnace in the trailer ran constantly try to keep that tin can warm.
  11. Yorktown High School, Yorktown, Indiana, 1972
  12. I lived in Franklin from 75-77 right behind Johnson County Hospital. Worked at 84 Lumber in Greenwood.
  13. Ayden is nice looking young man. I am not a big sushi fan but I love oyster's on the half shell.
  14. I have been on the Dragon many times in last 18 months taking my cousin and my wife on their Appalachian Trail adventures. The dudes in their sports cars are absolutely crazy while the group motorcyclist are pretty cool. I haven't witnessed any accidents but I have passed through right after they have happened or seen the remnants of the vehicles on the side of the road. Last time I was on the Dragon there was a sports car sitting on the inside edge all smashed up and on it's side. Another crazy thing is the photographer's sitting underneath a canopy on the corners snapping pictures. I w
  15. At this point I wouldn't believe one thing from the FBI, DOJ or the government. They make everything they say fit the narrative that they want. Without getting political we need a total reset of anything federally related and especially Washington D.C.. Unfortunately we all know this will never happen.
  16. Great to hear from you and thank you for the update.
  17. Look at the size of that cob!
  18. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Even as a 10 year old I remember it being a very somber and dark day. My Mom went to that race and came home with a horrible sunburn.
  19. My first Muskie. I caught it a couple weeks ago fishing in shallow water for bass on the lake right across the street. It was about 40" and gave me one heck of a fight.
  20. Nice. Let's us know when so I can watch it.
  21. They also have the best burnt ends, brisket, smoked turkey and amazing sides. A must stop if I ever make it back to Charleston.
  22. I would love to. We went to Savannah and Charleston a couple years ago. I ate my share of oysters, shrimp and scallops. Great food, weather and scenery.
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