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  1. The Cubbies are coming, tra la tra la! 💪😎🍻
  2. Got my second poke of Moderna today. Feeling okay so far *knock on wood*.
  3. Purely anecdotal of course but I see more people still wearing masks now in Allen County that I expected. Seems about the same as before the mask mandate was lifted.
  4. I am literally the only person in my family getting vaccinated. Parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces/nephews, nope. Just me. The Lone Ranger. Personal choice, okay fine. But they make it a point to talk down about the vaccine every time I see them. Not sure what response they are looking elicit but it gets old fast. I made my choice and I believe in it and feel fine about it.
  5. I get my 2nd shot of Moderna on Monday. The 1st shot kicked my ass for about 24 hours so I am hoping the 2nd shot will grant me a bit more mercy.
  6. Just found out the other day that Columbia City has a Penguin Point again. When I was a kid, we had one in C-City but it closed a long time ago and became an Arby's. I don't even remember eating there but I suppose I'll try it one day lol.
  7. Haha okay I'll do a high setting. This is my first grass-cut at my new house, brand new mower, learning this stuff on the fly. Knew I'd find good input here. 💪😎🍻 Next step will be figuring out some landscaping stuff to do in the backyard.
  8. What grass cutting height do you all use for mowing? Bought my first mower over the weekend and will be doing my first cut of the season tomorrow.
  9. Yeah not sure how going to UVA improves his long-term career prospects. They win a lot of games but they aren't a hotbed of NBA development. I'd like to think our offense next year will move faster and make everyone better. So maybe even the guys who are not able to be snipers can still make an impact.
  10. Got my first shot of Moderna the other day. Within 24 hours I started feeling absolutely miserable (chills, aches, fatigue) but after a good night's sleep, doing a lot better. Whew!
  11. Good for the Celtics giving Brad a win on his last night as coach there. 💪😎🥃
  12. I scheduled my first shot for early April. 💪😎🍻
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