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  1. Not disappointed in the season as a whole but disappointed at how it finished. IU didn't put their best foot forward tonight. That is all I have the energy to say without getting into some expletives, lol.
  2. It has been a long time since I laughed as hard as I laughed when Purdue lost tonight. Good job Boilermakers, you made history! They will be talking about the FDU game for years, decades, centuries! 😎
  3. I elected to listen to Don Fischer on the radio broadcast after listening to the Albany announcing crew in previous games. The radio was like 10 seconds ahead of my TV but my nerves were much less challenged.
  4. We need a 🤡 react emoji for those kinds of posts lol.
  5. 10-6 including 7-0 at home. Seems like a good start!
  6. I really want to see us get past the first weekend at a minimum for the seniors and Trayce, on the same page with you there.
  7. Hated losing this game, it made me upset yesterday. I'm over it now. Sweet 16 or bust.
  8. I don't have any universal rule for rooting for or against Big Ten teams in the tournament. I'm not going to pretend to like every Big Ten team and hope good things for them. I'm not going to grant any well wishes to the likes of Purdue, Iowa, Sparty or DUI. Maryland? Not really. Penn State and Northwestern I'd feel okay with rooting for since they are seldom in this position.
  9. One step closer to the predestined IU vs OSU final.
  10. Compensation update, per sources: Bears trading No. 1 overall pick to Carolina for: 🏈pick No. 9 🏈pick No. 61 🏈a first-round pick in 2024 🏈a second-round pick in 2025 🏈WR DJ Moore
  11. How about Haliburton draining the game-winning 3-pointer on Patrick Beverly from damn near the logo today?! During a break in the IU game I flipped over to the Pacers-Bulls game to witness that event. 😎
  12. Indiana vs Ohio State final, it is destiny I am telling you.
  13. Every damn team in this league has had Jekyll and Hyde moments. If our team didn't have any guts they would by no means be standing at 12-8 and in the Top 3 of the league after 1-4 start. Yeah Purdue took 1st place despite losing to us twice but they also far and away had the most beneficial schedule in the entire conference. Which, it is what it is. Not everyone gets to play twice anymore and the schedules will never be perfectly balanced. But after suffering through 4 years of Archie-ball, these last two seasons are a breath of fresh air. Not perfect. But there is tangible improvement. 2 for 2 on qualifying for the NCAA tournament, something we long ago took for granted but has been rare in the last 7 years. Top 2-3 finish this year which is easily our best conference standing since Yogi's senior year. Soft? Hell no, this team isn't soft. Inconsistent at times? Sure. But again, every damn team in the league has been inconsistent this year. It is a blood bath out there!
  14. Kind of ironic given the lack of scoring 🤔
  15. Rutgers goes like 7 minutes without any points and NW only up 4.
  16. Boo Buie called for a push off? I feel triggered.
  17. But they are playing in the Trapezoid of Terror!
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