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  1. Good to hear about some of the special teams play.
  2. I feel like this chart is misleading. The bottom one looks way more impressive.
  3. Getting into college with a GED isn't too much of an issue. Almost all colleges allow students with a GED to get in. I'm sure the OSU admissions department will look over his application with a fine tooth comb. Testing out of classes depends on the school. Mine doesn't, but some do. A little donation by OSU to his high school, and I'm sure they will offer them too!
  4. Also, we'd really only need Penix to run maybe 20 times during the season. No need to in the easy games, and about 2 times in the important games. He'd be able to slide or go out of bounds on a lot of those, so there wouldn't need to be that many hits taken.
  5. 100% agree. I remember we used to do a read with Lagow at QB, and it didn't fool Stevie Wonder (and that's only partially because he can actually see!). Everybody knew he wasn't keeping it. We can't let Penix get to that point. He has to keep it every once in a while to keep the defense somewhat honest.
  6. That's one reason I like our chances against Iowa. Petros doesn't scare me at all.
  7. Penix is by far the leader of that group going into the season. This has to be one of the worst QB classes in the B1G in a while. Penix would be on top a lot of years, but there's a huge gap between 1 and 2. Some guys on the list with potential, but Mertz is #2, and he was brutal the last 5 games last season. Averaged 172 yards and had 2 TDs and 5 interceptions. I know Wisconsin's game isn't to air the ball out, but Mertz at 2 shows how far the B1G group of QBs has to go.
  8. It is cool they do that. I think last year there was one from Mark Wahlberg.
  9. Man, you Colts fans are spoiled after having Manning and Luck back to back haha. I'm sure you could have Trubisky for cheap. Maybe Jay Cutler wants to come out of retirement. The Bears would probably trade you the Red Rocket for a 7th round pick.
  10. Haha. It was just meant to get a shot in at Russia cheating, but you're not wrong! In fairness though, the list of Purdue excuses is pretty long, so it is tough not to use one of them!
  11. I'm still counting it as gold for women's gymnastics. Russia never should have been invited back after 2014.
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