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  1. If we're perennially 2nd in the East, we'll be a top 10 team more often than not. I get what you're saying though. With OSU, UM, and PSU every year, consistently being in the top 10 is a tough achievement.
  2. Each year we could take their entire graduating class, and it probably would have been better than any class Lynch was able to recruit.
  3. I read that we recruited Thomas for the Bull position and Teegardin, who is in charge of that position, was one of the main recruiters for him. Peoples is listed as the recruiter for Durant and Strickland, so I am guessing the staff sees them as a different position than Thomas.
  4. B...b...but, injuries. Even though he can't recruit depth to save his life which is what makes the injuries so much worse, the injury excuse still gets thrown out all the time for him. Also not sure how Allen gets anything other than an A+.
  5. That's awesome! The weekend he visits has some monster visitors. I would love to get a couple more commits from kids who are visiting June 18th before then.
  6. I love seeing the current recruits talking up the program on social media. I really hope we can get a couple more commitments by next month so we can have more guys on the June visits who are already committed. Can't hurt to have committed guys in the ears of the rest of the people visiting that weekend.
  7. You weren't the only one addicted to speed in the 80s!
  8. It's amazing that we're in a top 5 with Pitt, Florida, and FSU, and it is like it is no big deal. Before Wilson was here, being in a top 5 with any of those schools would have been a major accomplishment. Now it is almost expected to be with those other schools.
  9. I'm also reading on another thread that Handy had lost weight, was down to about 240, and was getting time at OLB this spring.
  10. I think he only registered stats in 3, but played in 4 others where he didn't have any tackles.
  11. I've been reading a thread on an Auburn board about him. Seems like most people liked him and were sad to see him transfer. They make it sound like he wanted to stay, but the new coaching staff didn't let him. Nobody really knew why. Most said he seemed like a pretty good kid. Whatever it was, I'm glad to have him!
  12. Yeah, it should be 3. According to his Auburn bio, he played in 7 games as a freshman.
  13. From what I've read on other boards and on Twitter, it sounds like we have a really good shot with Carr.
  14. My only worry is soil temps. I wonder if the soil is still going to be pretty cold this weekend. I've never planted right after a cold stretch like this in May, so I'm really not sure if that would bother the plants at all or if they'd be fine.
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