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  1. The NCAA is nothing but a book of rules that is a billion dollar industry. For all the weight the public gives the NCAA, and as poor ass job as it has done at times, it is hard to believe people still look at it as a real unbiased rule following entity. It is currently facing numerous lawsuits, so it has in fact become more relaxed about transfers because cases are working their way through the system and the NCAA will lose if they are not settled. And if they lose it will fall to the courts to start regulating the NCAA and that is the last thing they want. Right now the NCAA has little or no real oversight. PennSt ongoingly molested kids and NCAA let them off, NC Tarheels use player and put them in dummy classes and the ncaa lets them off, but if IU picked up a quarter that wasn’t given the NCAA would threaten a death penalty. The examples of how biased the ncaa is goes on and on. The NCAA operates on a weighted scale. If your program is a heavy weight income producer, the scales tilt in your favor. The football playoff system is a gross example of that weight. The money makers get favored over the weaker and the wealth is distributed to the lower programs as a means of keeping them quiet because there is a real concern that if a lesser program did not have the handouts from the ncaa the program could fail. Folks, if the NCAA tells you to breath, you should check your pockets and then test the air because there is an unseen objective.
  2. The kid will be fine, good that he is ahead, but he is a very good athlete so this should not be a surprise. It is amazing how far medicine has come with these injuries in the last 30 years. The injury and timing might prove to be a blessing in disguise.
  3. Oh hell no, I had my fill of a qb son. He can throw better than Richard at this age, but he is the strongest kid in the school district at his age. He plays, TE, nose tackle (mostly) played some back, and OT. They moved him a lot to where needed.
  4. If you want to make it to the pros in this day and age of college football, be a TE. They are under produced right now (like fullbacks) and the pros have to use them with big size to get to the corners outside, LBs are just to big and fast concentrated at the pro level. If a college program like IU comes in with a ball control offense using the TE they can cause a lot of issues for the smaller defenses that the college has moved towards in order to defend the spread no huddle type offenses. I hope this new guy puts IU in a huddle, quits running the legs of the starters when the backups fall off a bit, and we become a more traditional style offense. Slow the game down a little and get more steps out of the starters going north south instead of east west.
  5. Nothing not to like about him. Here is the concern, and it isn’t him. We have a head coach that can not afford to stub his toe this season. If I had my choice I would have paid big for a big name and if Allen has to be let go there would be a big name at the top. But I’m excited to see the guy work, he might be just what we need. As for Allen’s moves, these are moves that a seasoned coach would have made long ago but you are correct, they are the right moves. Let’s see how it goes. Since i had been skimming over anything that said Deborge, and this guy has a similar name, I wasn’t even reading anything that mentioned his name so I am way behind you guys.
  6. Lol, I have been on the wrong side of USO too many times. But I will have them take another look at it. My youngest is heads and tails above where Richard was. But a lot of it is just ridiculous size. At 6’2” and 250 he has a definite advantage over most 8th graders. Fortunately he loves lifting so if he keeps working he should be in good shape.
  7. I’m retired, my holidays start in October. And what capacity I have left has been spent worrying about my youngest son being recruited by local schools and trying not to jump off a building due to the last sixty or so days in the oil market.
  8. And no, during the holidays I tend to bail keeping up and Richard and I did not have a single conversation about football over the holidays. I had no idea they had gone ahead and hired.
  9. Since the three of us appear to be the only one left on this string, I know nothing at all about this new guy. I kind of wish you hadn’t told me because what i just read doesn’t create any excitement, am i missing something? I have several experiences with guys that make this kind of jump, as a player and spectator, and they were tough. Damn I hope for those players sake that he is ready because it feels like a reach. But, one thing is certain, Allen extended his stay with the hire. Even if they fail to improve there is nobody on the staff you should feel comfortable with turning the program over to if you have to fire him. Glass should have set guidelines for this hire. Hell, maybe he is the hidden gem.
  10. Sorry, completely tuned out of internet for the holidays. I just assumed we were still taking time. Richard didn’t say a word so I’m not real sure how exciting the hire was. And the two other fathers I visit with have been out also.
  11. Come on. You get a good OC in there, Pen is good, the line is seasoned, we have a back, things are set up. But you and I both know that depth is what always kills potential of teams like this. So we would have to be very fortunate with injuries. Or, I spent too much time around my son’s IU optimism over the holidays.
  12. Buddy, there has been talk here and there, but nothing that sounded solid. The supporters should be very excited that the process is ongoing and it wasn’t a thirty second fill (guess it was a two minute). As I said, Allen is a good guy, can’t coach at this level yet, but he is the type person you would want your kid around. If he brings in a good OC then the sky is the limit. This scenario the program is in is the best situation possible. In my opinion. We just need a good pick.
  13. Sorry Rico, I’ve been out. You and I both know Bama is a different animal. Saban has been an excellent CEO. My guess would be, because his coordinators are picked off every year, that he is much more involved in their assistants because he knows they might well need to step up.
  14. No, quite the opposite. The OC position for IU has to be considered an entry level to the high profile big payday. Nobody is going to take the OC position with restrictions on their assistants. There is just too much at stake for the coach. I think if you are replacing your OC that you should concede something is wrong and if you want a quality coach you are going to have to trust your selection to make the right choices.
  15. Pen is going to be very good under a less suffocating OC. I am fairly excited about next year if the OC goes the right direction. The line will be seasoned, the back will have more meat, defense should be solid, man I like Hoosier ball after Deboring. I know I irritate some with my dislike of Allen’s coaching, but I can assure you it is nothing I have not said personally, I don’t hide. But the DC was severely needed, the OC will finish the deal, Allen can act as a true CEO head coach and run the program. And, as I have said, Allen is a good guy but had no coaching experience at this level. Man, Glass should have required Allen to divest the OC and DC immediately so he could focus on running the company. If we get a good OC this program is three or better in the conference. This is a great opportunity for him and the program. In a long winded manner, what I am saying is we don’t need a transfer QB. And I am telling you that the big 10 was down this year (easier to say now), way down. It will be interesting who pulls it together and takes off this year. Purdue looked average at best at the end, Ohio just had too many problems the whole year and it will come out that Urban’s sicker than he let on, I’m not sure how many seasons Harbaugh has left if they aren’t in the championship mix next year, this overall is a terrific opportunity for IU to move up a few steps.
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