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  1. Consider Mike Davis a success? He didn’t f up that one season, so kudos, but I certainly wouldn’t use him as an example to rebut Zuckercorn’s claim. The others are certainly fair IMO.
  2. I agree. We don’t need another guy that can’t shoot well ….. 🤣
  3. I love Charles Barkley and have a lot of respect for him. I don’t think any less of him for not winning a ring. I can’t stand Lebron as a player or a person. Again, it was his right to go / create whatever situation he wanted within the rules. The only thing I respect out of him is that he wanted to win. Don’t respect the fashion he left Cleveland or the unwillingness to stick around. He proved he could win in Cleveland without a bunch of superstars. I also don’t respect the arrogance and entitlement.
  4. I don’t really care about this argument one way or another but I don’t think it says much that he “took his talents” to Miami to play with Bosch and Wade, then went to LA to play with AD. His right for sure, but can’t give him the accolades you bestow on him when he’s been chasing other stars to play with the last 10 years of his career. His teams were favorites to win just about every year and NOT just bc of him.
  5. Somebody said to expect another name to enter the portal. Say what?
  6. Sounds like it, but how many drinks thrown does it take to get kicked out of a that bar!? Sounds like he should have been booted before it ended the way it did.
  7. That’s fine, and it sounds like he does need to be better. I just hope for your sake if you ever punch somebody that was just running their mouth, or one of your children do, that you/they don’t kill somebody and end up in prison. Again, it’s not worth it, unless you’re defending yourself from a physical confrontation.
  8. Unless Bohannon was getting physical with the guy, it doesn’t make it okay in my book. Nor is it something to celebrate or pound your chest about. Be better than that. If he WAS getting physical, and it wasn’t just talking, then sometimes it’s necessary, I agree.
  9. Certainly not condoning his childish behavior. Just don’t think it’s funny to suggest it’s acceptable to sucker punch somebody. If he went after the kid then I’d say he deserved it, but I don’t think we should go around punching people that run their mouth.
  10. 1) You’re right. Shouldn’t have been in that situation. But he is only 24 years old. I’m sure you’ve drank too much and popped your mouth off at somebody as well at 24 or older. I’m sure I have. I’ve never been punched or punched somebody, nor would I unless I was defending myself. I was raised better. Walk away …. it’s not worth it. 2) I’ve been to plenty of college bars and I think it’s just a slight stretch to suggest that it happens all of the time and is somewhat acceptable. 3) Nothing is funny about somebody that thinks it’s okay to punch somebody because they don’t like
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