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  1. Baseball is just broke in every facet. I don't know if it can be repaired.
  2. I didn't much care for Olsen. But he knew this day would come.
  3. Nothing gets this board "humming" like a disappointing loss.
  4. Bucs interested in Matt Ryan?
  5. JHS can't hit Shitfino
  6. Where did your confidence go?
  7. The Bates Motel is open...
  8. Whatchu talkin' about Willard?
  9. Be nice to get a 20 point lead by the half.
  10. Zach Freemantle injury: Xavier's leading rebounder out at least four weeks after hurting foot https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/zach-freemantle-injury-xaviers-leading-rebounder-out-at-least-four-weeks-after-hurting-foot/
  11. Is this the place that we talk about the 1979 NIT? The Big 10 flexed their muscle in it that year.
  12. Knight complained about everything new that came along. Sound familiar?
  13. A noon tip-off works for me.
  14. Is it your intention to depress me?
  15. BS. That Michigan team lost 6 conference games that year. 2 of them to us, we had NO NBA stars.
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