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  1. Demographics getting the least amount of sleep right now: Accountants and IU fans on message boards.
  2. I have been a lurker at the multiple versions of this board over the years. I've rarely if ever posted. The times I have, Mile would always have something nice to say and often a friendly PM as well. What a huge loss. I just can't imagine not seeing his name pop up in the threads. Condolences to his family. You will be missed by many Mile.
  3. "Oh my God, I just shart my pants!" Not Romeo related I know, but I know that look all too well.
  4. I haven't even been there yet lol. My neighbors are drinking and playing cornhole like it's 4th of July.
  5. Some of you may remember me from the old board(s). My wife is from Henderson, KY. About 2 years ago I was forced to move into the depths of hell, AKA Lexington (actually the city is very nice, but so dang blue!). All of these UK fans are having a field day around here at the thought of what's going to happen to UL. In a perfect world, just after it's been announced that Pitino has been canned and UL has lost their championship, it will be announced that UK has been implicated in all of this as well, hence dashing all of the fun UK fans are having at UL's expense.
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