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  1. Only way to go. Kroger brand catsup isn’t very good
  2. You can put some catsup on your hotdog
  3. On BTB one of their best mentioned multiple players are saying a certain someone is still coming to IU. Currently said kid is attending a school with team colors of blue and white and the first three letters of the city begin with Lex. 🤷🏼
  4. Think he’s one of the top guys or a top priority for 2022 that’s CMW is after?
  5. All these 2022 offers are interesting. Looks as if a few may be leaving next year or transferring out as grad transfers maybe?
  6. Kid can run as a big, pass as a big and shoot as a big. What can you not like about that. Sign me up as a top kid I want for next year.
  7. He could be a preferred walk on for us since he decided against us the first time around
  8. Sorry if a double post. Joe Luanardi prediction for tourney next year pegs us as a 7 seed. I’ll take it for CMWs first year at IU. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-basketball-NCAA-Tournament-bracketology-projection-Joe-Lunardi-Top-25-2022-season-164429203/Amp/
  9. Oh for sure. Race could slide to back up TJD, then slide Geronimo behind Hunter if that’s the case. Lots of options
  10. Johnson/Lander Bates/RP/Leal Stewart/Geronimo/Galloway Hunter/Race TJD/Logan could easily flip Hunter and Race. Geronimo could slide to 4 spot. Could flip Bates and Stewart as well. Johnson could flip to 2 spot. Lots of flexibility I see here.
  11. love Jakaar’s energy but he’s gotta go. Undersized big that can’t shoot the 3 ball. End of bench filler sure but not a reliable guy night in and night out
  12. McConnell defensive energy is great BUT he’s atrocious outside of shooting 6 foot fadeaway jump shots. Yes he’s gotten quite a bit of assists but this is a 3pt shooting league and he’s a career 33% 3pt shooter. Defenders leave him open at the three point line and sag off to help onto others. I forgot about Justin in my earlier post
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