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  1. agree with you really for all of you "winners" and "losers", however, except Chicago. I like that they were active and wanting to upgrade their team. I think they did BUT Lonzo/DeRonzen and Levine are all ball dominate guards that need the ball in their hands to be effective, moreso Lonzo and DeRozen. I think they are a fringe playoff team. How do you not get help for Luka is my question. Dame is gone after this year. Philly may be good in regular season but there moves don't move the needle. Knicks are laughable with their moves. GS really hoping their rookies can play right away along with Wiseman. Spurs i have no idea what their doing. I think pacers make a trade and ship Lamb out and maybe even one of turbonis. With Thad going to Spurs and Doug signing there, I'd love for them to do a S&T with Doug for Thad. Lamb, salary filler and maybe even a 2nd for Thad. I don't think Spurs are ready to compete right now. I think Thad flourished here in Indy. Not sure the S&T would work though
  2. agree, they missed their chance when they went to the ECF against Miami and Lebron
  3. Difference between them also is location. Lowery wanted to go to Miami, he'd never consider Indiana. PJ Tucker wanted to go to Miami, would have never considered Indiana regardless of the money thrown either of their way. Agree about Miami willing to spend into lux tax, pacers never have and never will
  4. Like the pacers news. TJ brings defense intensity. He can't shoot threes, however, surrounding him with guys that are respectable 3pt shooters such as Justin Holiday/Torrey Craig/Duarte/Oshae is good. Pacers def wanted to re-establish some sort of defense presence and they did that with their moves yesterday evening. Brogdon/LeVert/Warren/Sabonis/Turner McConnell/Holiday/Duarte/Craig/Oshae/Goga
  5. Happy Free Agency Day! Pacers expected to resign TJ McConnell. Pacers would like to bring Doug back too, however, TJ's salary will impact the ability to bring Doug back and Doug is expected to earn a big pay day. They have interest in Otto Porter, Malik Monk, Lou Williams and Nic Batum. Pacers also wanting to trade Lamb. They envision Lou playing and scoring next to TJ, they had hoped Aaron would fill this role but never came to fruition. Nic can guard multiple positions and still shoot the 3 as can Otto. Otto's issue has been injuries for quite some time. Monk can shoot the 3 and they want spacing. My money is on TJ returning and them using a majority of their MLE on Monk or Porter Jr but we shall see.
  6. luxury tax doesn't mean anything to the Lakers. They'll pay whatever is needed to win
  7. As it sits now with our depth chart just over 72 hours before teams can "officially" start negotiating with free agents: Starters: Brogdon/LeVert/Warren/Sabonis/Turner Bench: McConnell(assuming he resigns given the confidence from team sources)/Sumner or Lamb or Duarte/Holiday/Oshae or Jackson/ Goga Not including Bridah/Keelan Martin and Cassius atm. If healthy and I use that term loosely cause this group cant remain healthy, the starting group can be very very good. You're looking at around 90 to 100 ppg from just the starters alone. Add in 15 ppg to 20 from the bench nightly and overall that isn't too bad. I still think a trade happens once FA starts.
  8. I wanted Moody at 13 if he fell. He did BUT both Duarte and Moody are similar guys. Both can play defense, can shoot the three BUT Duarte is much more polished than Moody and with Carlisle at the helm this had his name written all over this pick. I think Duarte will be a very good player, could even start down the road perhaps if he can take another step. Moody has a chance to be better but may be looking at three years before that occurs. In regards to Jackson, his upside is tied to his shooting growth. If he can develop a faceup game to go along with his mobility, shot blocking and on ball defense it would appear as if he could be very similar to Myles to some extent. Question is, what do you do with four centers now? To me one of the starting two bigs are gone and that more than likely is Myles should a trade occur. Jackson may not be ready for a year or two so a trade is not imminent. According to J. Michael of Indy start TJ McConnell is virtually a lock to return to Indy.
  9. agree. Think he could be a Marcus Smart. Maybe a little high for top 10 to get a Smart type of guy, however, a overall good pick. He also has Jalen Johnson at 9. Not sure about that one
  10. Barring any trades, here is my want list for tonight via draft: 1.) Moody - Don't think he'll fall to 13, however, if he does his ceiling is very high. 3&D guy that can contribute off the bench with starter potential as early as year 2. Can guard multiple positions at 6'9". 2.) Mitchell - Age doesn't bother me, he makes an impact now with his aggressive defense and has improved his shooting. A little undersized as a shooting guard next to McConnell off of bench assuming TJ is brought back but can contribute right away and be a defense wrecker. 3.) Giddy - Can see the court better than anyone currently on the Pacers roster imo. Needs to improve defense and shooting but has one of the higher ceilings of anyone in the draft. 4.) Duarte - Don't care about age, safe pick given his versatility. Can contribute right away with starter potential. Ceiling a bit lower than anyone above, however, has one of the higher floors.
  11. Can we give HCTA another raise already?
  12. Based on recent few weeks with how much momentum IU has and a visit this past weekend, I think it's truly between IU/OSU and Bama. I think this past weekend sealed the deal. Just my two cents. IMO Curry would be icing on the cake to paving a way to where HCTA will have to start turning Indiana kids away in the near future.
  13. Culver available for a 2nd rd. Pacers own two second rd picks this year. Ship one to em. A fresh start would be good for the former #6 pick. Can improve his shooting technique with one of the newly joined Pacers assistants. Would be great off of the bench.
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