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  1. This is absolutely terrible to hear! Rest In Peace Mile, just wow! One of the nicest guys you could ever talk to. Mile and I go way back, moderating on the old Scout forums start back at the end of the Mike Davis era. Mile, will miss you bud, just way to soon! God bless and prayers to your friends and family!
  2. Seems pretty quick. Anyone with an idea? Worried with Purdue’s momentum.
  3. Nice!! Welcome aboard Mr. Matthews.
  4. Loving this IU team, really enjoyable to watch. Penix will leave a few throws up there that could cost us at times, but the team is really coming together. Really hope they come out and crush MSU! No reason why they shouldn’t, but OSU is the following and can have sort of a let down game. Very exciting times for this program and team!
  5. Everyone, Landen can go wherever he chooses, it’s not our place to say otherwise. If that’s where he wants to go then that’s great and congrats to him!
  6. Thanks for posting here and nothing but the best wishes to you and your family. Hope all high school kids can get their sports in! How is Landen’s game coming along? Miss playing high school sports lol.
  7. I told my wife when I called her after wife, she was really sad by the news as well. I forgot about this, but she reminded my that all of us went out to eat in St. Louis years back at Fitz’s. Fun times, will miss CC!!!
  8. Just, wow. I had the pleasure to meet Eric a few times, and he was always full of great energy and loved life. I’m so stunned and upset by this, such a great guy and can’t thank him enough for the HSN boards. This one really hurts, board won’t be the same without him! If any information is found out about the service or help with funds, please let me know! Eric and Natty took me to my first IU football game and tailgate. I will never forget that and how much fun that was. We had a random drunk college chick come up to us and started eating our nachos with us lol. Also took
  9. Yeah, that was a text to my wife I posted here lol
  11. No, I’m well versed in IU agony. I know stating facts don’t pertain to IU football lol.
  12. Need another defensive stop and then get the ball back to start the half. Keep it up defense!
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