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  1. That would be Charlotte doing Charlotte things. They likely did Cody a favor there...terrible organization.
  2. Yeah, he won't draw like Vic, but he's a likeable guy, who's been productive and would have great name recognition in Indiana. Just seems like an easy call when he was willing to play for the minimum. Maybe he didn't want to play in Indy, but otherwise, it sure feels like a low-risk move. Solid, productive veteran, good locker room presence, fan favorite and all at the vet minimum.
  3. Right now? Probably better competition. 😂
  4. I would have made room at the minimum. Guaranteed he'll sell more tickets than Goga Bitadze or Amida Brimah. You can bet he'll be at least as productive as well. It's not like you'd be going out on a limb signing him.
  5. Were discussing this at dinner this evening. That season vests him with some significant retirement benefits. ...and where the hell are the Pacers when Cody Zeller is willing to sign for the vet minimum?!!!
  6. Not long ago, there was a surgical mask study where markers were placed inside of these surgical masks and these markers ended up inside of the surgical wound. Unless someone is coughing snotwads on you, most masks do virtually nothing to stop the spread of a microscopic virus.
  7. Silky smooth with a nice touch and size. Looks like Tennessee, Kansas and Florida are the competition here. I have a had time seeing this kind of talent going to Georgetown or Wake Forest. Agree with the staff labeling him as the top priority ion 2022. He looks deserving.
  8. How can you not love rooting for someone like that?!!! (U.S. women's soccer, take note!) Love me some George Forman, too. I mean, a guy that can make me feel healthier about eating a quarter pounder is a hero in my eyes.
  9. One other thought I have in this regard is that pro leagues may at some point seek to affiliate with various colleges who have facilities and brands in place...offer support, staff, rents for facilities in exchange for brand name and use of facilities. That could be a win-win, but I have a feeling one way or another, things are going to change a lot in the next 10-20 years.
  10. I've though and said that for awhile now. College athletics will only exist at colleges as long as they provide an economic benefit to colleges. Colleges are willing to run a deficit for the advertising benefit, but I can see a day when they may say that it's just not worth it and pro leagues will have to develop their own feeder systems. In that regard, baseball is way ahead of the others.
  11. Nice post. You're a little "windy" but well thought out. Seriously, you should post more...good stuff.
  12. Man, where is @Steubenhoosierwhen you need him. Hang on...channeling...
  13. Watching the gymnastics floor competition (USA! USA!!!) and I can't see how these young ladies aren't breaking ankles every time they stick the landing on a tumbling run. Congratulations, Jade Carey!
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