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  1. Ouch! Thank you for that! I looked on 24/7 sports and he is rated one of the best in the portal. Just really wondering what they see.
  2. Someone that just popped up on the portal is Taran Armstrong. He seems like a possible good get. 6-5 PG.
  3. I really hope that he goes on to have an absolute stellar career in the NBA. His talents here were just absolutely special and such a privilege to see!
  4. Just putting that question up to get discussion going vs railing about our less than stellar game against Miami.
  5. This team was absolutely Jekyll and Hyde this year. Woody did the best he could. You saw when our team was firing on all cylinders we were one of the best teams but that happened once or twice. Then it's like we went brain neutral and lost all focus. Just no killers. This is a culture thing Woody I think is trying to establish. Just sucks we are losing our All American and first round guard. Also we had major untimely injuries that derailed our progress and season. Well time to see what we are going to get from the portal and see how Woody handles the off-season.
  6. Supposedly they are trying to get investors to contribute enough money through the NIL to make him stay another year. It would be hilarious if we could offer him alot more NIL and get him to come here. Haha.
  7. If I had my picks Fardaws Aimaq or Eddie Lampkin would be one. I think a pickup of Josh Cohen would be cool. That would give us immediate size up front. Jameer Nelson Jr while small can fill it up and I think can translate to this level. Now if only we could figure out an athletic forward.
  8. If we play up to our potential so that's meaning TJD in All American mode JHS not playing hero ball Race going back to ultimate glue guy before the concussion and knee injury Kopp actually being able and willing to shoot conrested yet shoot able 3s Galloway shooting threes and our bench actually showing up like Geronimo Reneu Bates playing to his actual potential and us playing hard smart d like we have especially against Purdue then I can see and expect Final Four and would be pleasantly surprised with a national title. If we played like we just are trying to barely squeak by or in survival mode like it seems we have been, get down early to make a valiant comeback late and hope to win, I can see us being bounced against Kent State. So my expectations range from both. I honestly think though this has been a good season not great season because Woodson is actually setting up a winning culture again. He has taken us to the tournament in both years. We have to remember the culture we came from and the roster we came from. Erasing all of those bad habits is hard to do. Getting to the tournament 2 times in the first 2 years is a huge accomplishment in itself. Now is the time to pick up the recruiting to establish better players and create a better culture. So while I want to say banner or bust I have to temper my expectations right now. On a side note it would be neat if Purdue actually didn't choke and made it to the championship on their side of the bracket and we played up to our potential on our side and met them in the championship game. Then we could have a final sweeping of Purdue to hang banner number 6. While unlikely would absolutely be a hilarious way to ultimately put Purdue as little brother status for a very long time.
  9. I guess the silver lining is we are getting an extra day of rest for the big tourney.
  10. There was one announcer that was literally pointing it out every time Kopp caught the ball on the wing and didn't shoot it but drove it into traffic for a more contested harder shot.
  11. Honestly we beat ourselves and our role players look absolutely lost on offense. Kopp Galloway Bates. Woodson seriously took Malik out and put Race in. No joke the momentum absolutely switched in favor of PSU and we could not overcome that again. Just really wish our guys could not be Jekyl and Hyde. Shrewsbury was great. Literally made like difficult on JHS and TJD by doubling. Literally forced our other guys to try and beat us. Just such a letdown. I guess we can try next year.
  12. Glad to know they met their quota. In the second half if I was Holtman if they don't call a 3 second call I would lose it and either force them to finally call it or get ejected. Maybe that would be the push to get my guys over the line.
  13. I mean seriously Edey set up camp in the post for 6 seconds! When are they going to call it?
  14. Wow PU is just letting OSU rain the threes and going away from their bread and butter of Edy inside for two. I am wondering if the second half OSU is going to falter from tired legs. I am rooting for and OSU win though. I wonder if Holtman said we didn't do our work during the season so I guess we are going to have to do our work now during the tournament to get into the NCAA tournament.
  15. Ugh just wouldn't go away! Great win guys! Time to break down PSU film and get ready for them. I hope they have really tired legs. Race needs to find his head it didn't travel with him. He literally almost lost that game single handedly. Here's to hoping OSU has another upset in them. They are desperate and literally playing for their NCAA tourney life. Puck Furdue! May they play the worst game of the year. Also gotta enjoy watching TJD and JHS cause it will be a long while before we get another 1 2 punch like this.
  16. Holy crap Kopp is going to be sporting a shiner!
  17. Time for Reneu to get back in.
  18. Time for Reese to get foul 5 and end his night early!
  19. And just like that they are back within 6. Ugh! Come on guys do not let up at all or they will be right back in it.
  20. Ok is it just me or is Reneu passed Race on the depth chart?
  21. Why can we not hit free throws? Hey we finally hit 1!
  22. We got lucky on a goal tend by TJD. The refs finally missed something in our favor.
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