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  1. I did not see this Miami win coming. I wonder how they will fare against UConn? Crazy there are 2 5 seeds and a 4 and a 9 in the final four.
  2. Stanford/Cal to the Big 10, Oregon and Washington…: Interesting take. Guy is a little hard to listen to but I could see this happening.
  3. This article had us #2. Says Brian Walsh a big influence. Any idea as to his timeline for a commitment?
  4. I'm not quite sure how you get an assist on an inbounds play. Quite a game!
  5. 17. Hoping he gets 2 more. Would take IU out of the record book
  6. Glad to hear this. Hope we can close him soon.
  7. https://www.insidethehall.com/2023/03/22/tracking-big-ten-mens-basketball-transfer-portal-entries/
  8. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/35920114/sources-notre-dame-hire-penn-state-coach-micah-shrewsberry
  9. Agree 100%. I mentioned the rebounding big for next year as we will need to replace Trayce and Race. Banks will help on the wing. I trust Woody will be addressing this.
  10. I think you are spot on. Geronimo is a great rebounder we could have used on the floor but for whatever reason wasn't getting those minutes. Next year we will (hopefully) have XJ and I'm confident Banks will be above average. Ultimately, rebounding needs to be a strength for the primary big we grab from the portal.
  11. As was the officiating. Garzon was called for 2 fouls where she didn't even touch the Miami player.
  12. I swear Larry Scirotto is wearing a wig out there. Or maybe he has sister?
  13. Confident that our girls will have the poise to pull this one out
  14. I thought we should have a dedicated thread here for all that talk. Who's coming? Going? Looking? Staying put? We can start off with- https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/35905088/sources-rick-pitino-agrees-6-year-deal-st-johns
  15. Race, Trey and Miller played well, IMO. Malik did nothing in his 10 minutes but that wasn't a factor. To me there are two players that contributed to the loss. JHS did not play defense, run the offense and was a very inefficient 8-22 from the field (3 of 11 from 3). What would have happened if 10 of his shots went to TJD (who was 7-10)? Trayce. As much as I love him, his lack of intensity on D and effort in rebounding were problematic. Our 2 leaders didn't set the tone on D. If we were going to win, Defense was going to have to be our calling card as it was all season. They imposed their will on us instead of the other way around.
  16. Congrats to Tamar Bates for leading the team in +/-.
  17. I mean the game was over even if there was still some time left on the clock.
  18. So far, so good for you. You lead in the amount of possible points. Although, you did fall off a bit in the second round.
  19. I was looking at tickets for Kansas City... So disappointing. Rebounding was a problem all year and it was never more evident than in this one. I love TJD but he needs to learn to box out. Jalen... Has a long ways to go. Appreciate the effort from Race and Galloway. Going to be an interesting next few weeks.
  20. But the game was over
  21. The officials can't keep up with a pace of this game
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