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  1. Yeah...when he gave that stare to an opposing QB...say goodnight, John Boy!!
  2. Yeah, his once great change up seems to be pretty much batting practice quality these days. And that was his out pitch.
  3. Man, Luis Castillo needs help... and I mean big time. Reds losing to a bad Rockies team BIG tonight. Castillo has been pretty much terrible all but one start. Reds are 1-7 in his starts going into tonight's game...and the score is 10-0 in the seventh.
  4. No doubt...but we both know and TRUST that Coach Woodson is doing and will do what makes the most sense for the team. He has more information... more insight...more knowledge than us. Correct? 😁
  5. Don't trust the coaching staff?? 😉 wink wink. 😁
  6. He never fully recovered from his illness/medical condition. BTB post says there's more information coming on Hunter. ???
  7. Honestly, I don't care about the struggles of Coach Crean. Sorry, but he's just another coach who's well paid and understands the perils of the profession. He will be just fine, I'm guessing.
  8. Come on!! LOL....you just love poking the bear, don't you! 😂
  9. The 17 year cicadas are waiting patiently. 😊
  10. Good job! Appreciate the older guys you included. 😊
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