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  1. They have pros too. And besides, the athletes are supposed to be playing "in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and to honor our teams." Medals be damned! 😊 LOL
  2. Would it really be so terrible if they only took the silver? 😊
  3. Lord, send your healing angels to the aid of this family.
  4. No doubt. JR was one big, hard throwing, scary fella. Sad news for sure. Same age as me....71.
  5. Those are some bodacious sneakers, gym shoes, kicks that boy is stepping out wearing!! 😁 My, my!! Look out, ladies. 😎
  6. Yeah, it's amazing how uptight folks can get about...sports. My goodness. 😊
  7. Have you been trying to go ice fishing in August again?? 🤔😁
  8. Yeah, those old players just can't get the job done. 🙄
  9. Sorry, but I haven't followed his play with NY beyond his first HR there. What else has he done?
  10. After a horrible beginning to the season leading to a enormous era, Luis has now worked it down to 4.09. Though that's far from great, I would really be curious to know what his era is for his last 10 to 12 starts. So, just saw that his era for last 6 starts is 1.69...nice!
  11. What can you say? I mean, people are going to listen and believe what they choose, right? You pass on the vaccine and this is a real possibility. You have to decide how you feel about the risk. Those dying from covid now are mostly the unvaccinated. It's that simple. Very sad.
  12. April-May I was ready to get rid of Luis. But he turned it around despite getting screwed by either the Reds lack of offense (or timely hitting) or that god awful bullpen. He has been terrific mostly since June, I believe.
  13. Reds leading 6-1 top of the 8th and guess what! That's right...the bullpen gives up 4 runs to the Twins. Let's make it a game. You know, close and exciting. Maybe someone can throw a homerun ball in the 9th. Sigh. I don't bother watching the games. Just check online for updates/scores. Well what do ya know! Michael Lorenzen gets the Twins out in the 9th! Hey, David Bell! Maybe try him as closer and let Hembree sit late in the game. 😋
  14. "Old man Rivers...that old man Rivers...he must know somethin', but he don't say nothin'. He just keeps throwin'...he keeps on throwin' that ball."
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