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  1. Yeah, Texas is better than I thought...both offensively and defensively.
  2. Tiny was wonderful. Yeah, I just think there's room for him because I believe he's special.
  3. Great game!! Terrific players making plays and getting up and down the floor. Very entertaining... and not too much officiating.
  4. Calvin Murphy...Mugsy Bogues...and others did it...so he could be a spark plug coming off the bench. He's got great vision and can shoot. Why not!?!
  5. Yeah, either of these teams can give Miami trouble. FAU does turn the ball over too much.
  6. Yeah, maybe Gonzaga too. But man, they are impressive to me. But I know they're certainly capable of having a bad night shooting the ball. Drake gave them trouble. They just seem to be on a really strong positive run right now.
  7. Not sure that I've seen any team still playing who can match Miami's quickness...or athleticism...not to mention their offense. If they play like they did against IU and tonight against Houston, I think they'll win the tournament. They are poised and really well coached.
  8. Miami and Houston looking like a good game. Miami playing tough defense and shooting well. Five fouls called on each team first half. Letting them play.
  9. Miami giving Houston all they can handle...29-23 with 7 minutes to go first half. Pack with 11 pts.
  10. I appreciate you having a great sense of humor. 😊
  11. Two Maliks is way better than one. Just surround them with some shooters...slashers...creative dribbling/passing. And did I mention shooters...yeah, plenty of them.
  12. He limped out of the locker room late...the Knick fans went nuts...and he started the game, I believe, then early in the first quarter made a jump shot off one leg and the fans went crazy. That's my bad memory of basically what happened. Of course, the Knicks won and Willis became a legend. That was an amazing team...truly. RIP, big man.
  13. I could easily see Duncomb ending up at Xavier.
  14. Rebounds 42-26. Not sure Trayce has more than one maybe two this half. Omier has 15. Trayce has 8.
  15. Miami much quicker to the ball and off their feet...and they want this game more.
  16. Hope he watched Purdue under CMP.
  17. The problem for Kennesaw is they can likely lose this lead pretty quickly, if they're not careful.
  18. X going zone. We'll see if Kennesaw can shoot over it or drive on it. Their ball handling is sketchy, so we'll see. By sketchy I mean pretty loose handles. HAHA X goes back to man. 😊
  19. Their quickness and speed are giving Xavier major problems. They've also played ten guys. X is getting fatigued and no depth.
  20. If he gets a better job offer, they will be looking for his replacement. 😂😂😂
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