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  1. Sammy Drummer (maybe just maybe his life wouldn't have ended so tragically) Landon Turner hadn't had the wreck Zach Randolph Glenn Robinson
  2. too late isn't it? I believe the roster is full .
  3. I don't think he disrespected us but if I was in charge (and I am not) I will never give him another chance to turn us down, especially if the rumors are true about the amount of money he was offered to come to Indiana.
  4. Has Brooks entered the portal?
  5. Hey didn't mean to cause an uproar, I just wanted to know why, I had seen Perea mentioned but had not seen the explanation. Obviously I did not know that he was considered a cheater. I don't want to cheat to win. I know that might be OLD SCHOOL. I assume the list that was given was no where's near complete with the cheaters. THANKS FOR THE REPSONSES, I KNOW NOW.
  6. What is it that Drew did the turns people off as far as getting him as coach. They are winning today after trailing at the half. I have always believed a great coach makes adjustments at the half (Archie or Crean sure did not seem to). Drew did something today to change the flow of the game. I know there is something with Hanner Perea, but I don't know what it is.
  7. I have to believe that the coach they are interested in is still in the tournament. If not then they are wasting precious time to stop the bleeding of the transfers and getting the trail of new recruits.
  8. I would make Bennett turn me down. I would offer him what they were going to offer Stevens. I think his resume is the best anyway.
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