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  1. For some reason wouldn’t let me type after attaching those photos but that’s currently broken on my sink. The top threads intro the underside of the above sink faucet and the threading has rusted away. So the above sink faucet is completely loose. Anybody know that’s it’s called so I can get a replacement?
  2. Old comment but saw it and thought I would chime in. My wife once told me that around 23-25 is when people really start to understand risks and mortality. So would make sense. Gymnastics are super dangerous not a game of inches. A game of millimeters.
  3. Plus another great aspect of getting guys thru the transfer market. These guys will have burned their one time and theoretically will be less likely to transfer offering more roster stability
  4. Every coach deals with Injuries and every coach dealt with the pandemic. Good coaches deal with the/it in an effective manner. Archie did not.
  5. A direct reflection of a lack of accountability and playing time not being tied to performance. Archie thought he was the smartest guy in the room. Being smart don’t mean crap if you can’t get people to share in your vision
  6. Some caveats to SLUs titles. A) Several were won with an 8 team field. The most matches they had to win for a title was 4 B) They shared one of their titles. So I’m calling it 9.5 Titles. When we hit 10 we are in the lead. Also interesting note Virginia also shared one of their titles. Virginia is the only team really close to us that is still relevant and competitive.
  7. We have no excuse to lose. That being said the same can be said of Clemson
  8. It was strategy today. We decided to not take any chance and count on our elite defense to keep them from getting good shots and then count on a mistake allowing us to get some good shots on their less than stellar D.
  9. And the 1 he let in was just absolutely nasty. Totally ok for that to go in
  10. No they basically did what they did with basketball and put all teams/games in the state of the FF. Shouldn’t really matter. We shouldn’t be tested until the EE
  11. I don’t care what we do for these kids off the court financially. As long as while they are here academic integrity is upheld.
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