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  1. It was strategy today. We decided to not take any chance and count on our elite defense to keep them from getting good shots and then count on a mistake allowing us to get some good shots on their less than stellar D.
  2. And the 1 he let in was just absolutely nasty. Totally ok for that to go in
  3. No they basically did what they did with basketball and put all teams/games in the state of the FF. Shouldn’t really matter. We shouldn’t be tested until the EE
  4. I don’t care what we do for these kids off the court financially. As long as while they are here academic integrity is upheld.
  5. Lol I get it your trolling. Bravo sir.
  6. In addition his team at Oregon shot 39% from 3
  7. Literally no it doesn’t. Your data means nothing because you have nothing to compare it
  8. Without data on how those kids shot without him how they shot with him can’t be used against him. Johnson got let go after all. Like Archie maybe his system was junk
  9. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/bob-knight-1.html Bob Knights stats as a player. Guess he couldn’t teach
  10. I know right. Imagine if he can help Race start hitting from outside. Him and TJD would be a deadly combination
  11. Yeah kid wanted to play for him and then signed with their greatest rival when they let him go.
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