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  1. I agree with this take. I know nothing about marketing, but I know when it works on me. I also agree 100% that winning needs to follow. We will see next year, but winning programs have foundations. It seems we finally have one after 20 years.
  2. This thread needs to keep being bumped. I think CMW is going to force the Big Ten Conference to change the way it plays basketball.
  3. I liked everything I read. Kid sounds like an absolute winner with some old school mentality, and I liked the sound of Woodson's recruiting approach. Really fun read, thanks.
  4. I figured you'd do it for nothin'
  5. I kinda was poking a little fun.
  6. I'm IUDan93, and I endorse this message. I will add the fact that we played many teams tough this year, just not for 40 minutes. If Coach can simply get them to play for 40, our record will improve dramatically.
  7. So do we hang a banner in year one, or in year two?😏
  8. If there is an appreciable improvement in TJD's game in terms of what the NBA is looking for, than we win twice over. First, he helps us on the court win the games that will move us up the conference ladder, and second, he makes it very easy for CMW to recruit. IMHO, this next year is all about putting on film what IU basketball is all about. Show recruits the player development in the skill areas sought after by the NBA. If this happens, I think we are looking at the light at the end of the 21 year tunnel. This very well be the most important season in terms of overall program success sin
  9. Kids who have a goal of getting to the NBA have family, coaches, handlers, etc. who help make decisions. I doubt they care about name recognition as much as the story the coach has, the experiences with working with the NBA, and why they have credibility with getting players paid. Listening to so many former players gush about Woodson gives me great confidence that recruiting will likely be a strength. I bet high school coaches and coaches in the AAU cesspool will buy into him. In reading this board for years, it more often comes down to where the adults in the kids life "pushes" kids to go
  10. You know, age doesn't matter as much as some are trying to make out. Many kids lean on grandparents all the time and appreciate their wisdom. Also, if we are worried that he can't coach for 20 years, but maybe for only another 10-12, well that will mean that he has been successful, because CAM only got 4 years and Crean 9. I hope he does well enough to get an extension, because being young and having the potential for 20-25 years as coach didn't work out for Archie. We need a coach that does well for the next 3-4 years, and than go from there.
  11. Can you shoot and play multiple positions? If so......though with a name like Jabba you might need to get in shape.
  12. So what role can Matta play? It must be a macro level role, but will he have the ability to work at the player level, meeting with recruits on campus. This may be ideal for Matta because his health limits his ability to do the day to day, but his mind needs to be tapped.
  13. I would be interested to hear an anonymous interview with the rest of the Big Ten coaches about this hire. A while back they spoke poorly of CAM, and were right. I don't think they would say the same thing now about IU.
  14. He is saying he wants to do everything to keep the players, but he slipped in that he wants to keep the players who will help us.
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