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  1. No doubt. I lived in McNutt in the late 70s. My brother visited one time and said, “man, you live in a tenement”
  2. https://www.evolvebloomington.com/
  3. One time when I was at IU, a group of friends from my home town came down for a concert and to party for the weekend. We had hit several keggars and arrived back at my dorm room. Someone asked, "anyone seen "John"? He wasn't in the dorm and we couldn't remember the last place we'd seen him. We decided he probably hooked up with a co-ed and everyone crashed in my dorm room. Next morning (must have been a Saturday), he calls from the Monroe County jail. He'd spent the night in the drunk tank and needed bail money. We managed to scrape together the $100 (as I recall, one guy ponied up about
  4. No excuse for drunk driving, but I do understand trying to drink the Purdue girls less ugly
  5. The Rays have the best organization in baseball. Have now won 9 of last 10 at Yankee Stadium, while rest of league is 12-36 over the same period. In playoffs and World Series last year, they faced the Yanks and Dodgers, both with 4 times the payroll, beating the Yanks and taking 2 of 6 against the Dodgers. Their pitching is great and they don’t beat themselves
  6. ‘We’re like the NBA. We can build through free agency or through the draft. We’ll take the surer thing.'” I'm guessing Musselman.
  7. I was lost in Peru once, but I was OK once I got back on 31.
  8. Especially guys who get traded a few times. You hear about athletes in financial trouble who owned $1 million+ houses in every city where they played. Those houses aren’t always easy to unload and when those babies eat, they eat big
  9. Yes, it would be much better to have Geronimo backing up TJD. I must have missed seeing Cockburn and Garza in the portal.
  10. I thought it was a Rolling Stones song: All this chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter 'bout Shmatta, shmatta, shmatta, I can't give it away on 7th Avenue (Purdoobie, shattered) This town's been wearing tatters, uh-huh Purdoobie, shattered
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