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  1. Nowell for KSU is the best PG I’ve seen this year. 15 assists
  2. Miami would make me nervous with Malik. Hope he stays
  3. Yeah, McDermott makes no sense. He's from IA and has spent his entire life and career in the central and upper Midwest. No ties to PA or the Philly area (where you have to recruit for PSU). His current roster doesn't have a US player from east of Chicago. He did his time at IA ST, which didn't go well. He has a good gig at Creighton. No reason for Matta to go to PSU, either. Here's another list. Can't imagine Jay Wright at PSU. I would rank likelihood of Fisher, Urgo and then Langel. https://www.collegian.psu.edu/sports/men_basketball/7-potential-coaches-who-could-take-over-for-micah-shrewsberry-and-lead-penn-state-basketball/article_3f49da82-c911-11ed-9794-a3536e41c8a0.html
  4. That would be a mistake for May or probably Kelsey for that matter
  5. It just seems like those kids go to Purdue or Michigan St. IU just hasn’t had much success there for whatever reason. There’s a strong IU following in The Fort, but it doesn’t translate
  6. Running a weave for 25 seconds and then jacking a contested three doesn’t lead to a high scoring average
  7. At least UConn was put on probation and Ollie got a three year show cause, but Ollie still won. I’d think Anderson would have a strong case.
  8. Well, having lost to a 13, 15 and 16 seed, PU will be looking to draw an inside straight
  9. You just know PUke will draw Iona in the tourney next year
  10. We lack quickness. However, a lot was fundamental. We don't block out well at all. Also, we have a middle school mentality of attempting to dribble a loose ball. We aren't strong with the ball. There were so many times I saw other players throughout the conference tourneys and NCAAT who would grip and rip a loose ball. They weren't going to be denied. Also, I could almost list the times this season that an IU player dove on the floor for a loose ball.
  11. I get that their record wasn't good. However, there were four teams in the CBI behind Det Mercy in the NET and two barely above. The CBI is a buy-in tourney. Not saying DM belonged in, but the same could be said for some of the other pay to play teams.
  12. Yeah, not a great take. However, after all the really ugly stuff directed toward Mike Davis, having people contact the CBI tourney to lobby against having Antoine break the record, I can see how it wouldn’t sit well.
  13. Don't have to worry about fitting the name on the jersey
  14. 100%. Also no prohibition against players talking. "NCAA rules prohibit any representative of another athletics department from making contact with a player at another school who has not entered the transfer portal, either directly or indirectly. That rule, however, has proven difficult to enforce, as proof of such conversations can be difficult to obtain. Coaches can also use players' high school coaches, for instance, as intermediaries to make known the opportunities that player might have at a different school without contacting the player directly. (The NCAA's general toothlessness in enforcing much of anything hasn't helped, either.)" "Technically, schools and coaches aren’t allowed to contact or recruit athletes until they are officially in the portal. However, it would be naïve to think that everyone is abiding by those rules. Quite frankly, it’s certainly possible that if a school or coach waits that long, it might be too late to have a real chance at landing certain transfers."
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