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  1. Could be wrong but pretty sure that the quote you are quoting here (from OGIUAndy) is a reference to Mike Roberts, not Michael Lewis.
  2. Comparison: James Young from Kentucky James Young 6'6 Shooting Guard High School Ranking #9 One and Done Drafted 17th Overall (2014 Draft) Avg 14.3 PPG in Freshman Year at Kentucky (With Julius Randle, Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison) Romeo Langford 6'6 Shooting Guard High School Ranking #5 or #6 (Depending on Ranking Service) One and Done Draft Projection: Lottery to 23rd Overall (2019 Draft) Avg 16.5 PPG in Freshman Year at Indiana (With an injury plagued team and far fewer
  3. Except if you go too early and aren't ready to make it in the NBA and don't last 4 years to get to that contract!
  4. Great topic, but I haven't heard much of anything tangible on anything happening. Personally, I'd like to see the Power 5 Conferences all go to 16 or 20 teams. Divide each of the 5 conferences into two 8 or 10 team divisions (This is for basketball purposes only, not considering football impact). For the 10 team division option, each Conference play a true round robin for each division (18 game conference schedule). If the 8 team per division option, then true round robin in division (14 games), then either 4 or 6 games with teams in the other division to get to a 18 or 20 game confer
  5. Just don't include any rumors or this thread might get deleted all together smh
  6. Is there a reason this thread isn't pinned?
  7. Is this confirmed? If not can we add a ? to the title of this thread?
  8. Sorry, I didn't mention this, but it was a D1 Head coach in Indiana that texted him this after he had tweeted that Brooks was an IU lean. Again, this is a credible journalist, I use the word credible very lightly though, so I wouldn't consider this your brothers cousins girlfriends hairstylist type of rumor, but also I wouldn't consider this a confirmed breaking news story either. And Yes Doyle is an idiot for sure!
  9. Doyle stated that Brooks is 100% Kentucky and was told by Division 1 Head Coach. I hope this is not true and think Doyle is complete trash, but does seem to fit with the feelings of what has transpired lately in this recruitment.
  10. I couldn't agree more, but haven't seen any evidence that what we want and think should happen will actually happen.
  11. Predicted Starting Lineup: Phinisee Durham Langford Smith Morgan With a healthy dose of McRoberts and spot minutes for Fitzner, Moore, Anderson and maybe DeRon if healthy enough.
  12. I realize this was said sort of tongue in cheek but he is the best passer on the entire team which should be expected from your point guard. He makes some dumb plays no doubt, but I want him passing in to the post or on pick and rolls all day long.
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