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  1. Oui... or in Rutgers case, a small Oui Oui
  2. Kinda like living close to West Lafayette...🙂 a good air purifier helps
  3. Exactly... not that you would do that at Mackey... youre just asking for a friend, right....right?
  4. Good excuse...youre lucky... the web boss will be after ya....
  5. Can you talk about the future or does the same rules apply for the past?🤣
  6. Apparently we shouldnt be talkin bout this... its offensive to some to talk bout the past... oh the horror
  7. I didnt think so... thats just disgusting
  8. They have to have room fir the UNC Duke half time report
  9. I just crapped a large pizza, what i miss?
  10. Hell.. Race switch someone around ..🙂
  11. So what keeps a Purduce fan from throwing something now?
  12. So if your the most important player you dont get fouls called?
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