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  1. Mike wants a ticket to board the JHS development program.
  2. TJD can legitimately guard 1 through 5 in today's NBA. TJD will not get roasted in the perimeter like Looney.
  3. Word is that the Warriors are looking heavily al TJD due to his passing and the number of 3 point shots he helped create.
  4. For Purchasing Indiana Basketball Season Tickets Press 1 If you are a parent and or parents of an Indiana Basketball Recruit Press 2 Now For all other inquires Press 0 for the operator
  5. Ok hear me out on this...based on the logic of this post if Awesome Kansas Fans are part of Real life then twitter Kansas fans and Discord Kansas fan's aren't part of real life. Which means that Kentucky Fans and Purdue fans aren't part of real life either. Makes perfect sense now!
  6. With the ball on his left tilting downward Mgbako is trying to tell us he's unhappy with Mike Woodson and staff for providing free Kit Kat's instead of Twix. We need to fix this immediately.
  7. Don't forget Stanford Robinson. He was there!!!
  8. I agree but I wonder what kind of shooting guard is willing to come to Indiana that could be 2nd or 3rd string if we don't get a legitimate stud as a starter?
  9. I'm bullish on Galloway and feel like he's going to average 10 to 11 points a game next year. If he averages 10 to 11 points next year I would believe we might not need to bring in another guard because most commits would probably be a lateral move as opposed to an upgrade with a "stud."
  10. This has probably been talked about but having XJ and Cupps being the primary ball handlers is going to provide Trey with a significant off the ball advantage we didn't see last year. Trey with his 3 point shooting is going keep defenders guarding MM, Malik Ware and XJ honest. Overall his ability to finish and 3 point opportunities should increase significantly given the assets he's surrounded by.
  11. nah man. I'm looking for the next Indiana topic to possess 10 hours of the my day with.
  12. Let's go to the HPER building and find anyone we can to save these kids. No rebounding issues with that lineup.
  13. Ummmmmmmmmm, soooooooooo who are we going to talk about now?
  14. Must suck for Kansas now that bag men aren't against the rules anymore.
  15. When AJ Moye blocked the hell out of Boozer....hell I don't know maybe Langford?
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