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  1. Concur, also why does Hurley have starters in when they're up 30? There's absolutely no reason to risk injury.
  2. The Big Ten should take note of the Big East. Argument can be made that the Big East is now clearly better than the Big Ten in Basketball.
  3. If Gonzaga wins I'll be the Devonte Green of HSN bracket competitions.
  4. I concur!!! We're the only genius to have picked the Zags for Tournament Champions.
  5. I used to tell people that The Beach Boys were singing about Kokomo, Indiana.
  6. That bud light commercial is the stupidest garbage I've ever seen.
  7. I feel your pain. Last night Xavier and Texas were my favorites. The great thing is after the game then you can concentrate all your hate on one team.
  8. Reminds of earlier in the Big Ten season when Fran said "officials need to stop splitting hairs on technical calls and let me stare them down."
  9. I've experienced the same with Kansas fans too. They always ask me how Indiana is doing and I'm like "we played you bastards this year."
  10. For diehard college basketball fans like us we love Cinderellas! I would argue that the average fan doesn’t and that final four viewer data shows that fans would prefer to watch blue bloods and P5 teams in the final four. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/ncaa-final-four-ratings-history-most-watched-games-cbs-tbs-nbc/ Also, not to toot our own horn but Indiana still has the most watched game “The all-time record highs are a 24.1 rating and 35.1 million viewers for Michigan State-Indiana State on NBC in 1979.”
  11. Every single decade there's another university attempting to bend/break the rules for their advantage. In the early 2000s you had UNC and their fake classes, in late 2000s you had John Calipari and Worldwide Wes, in the 2010s you had the Adidas schools like Arizona, Kansas, Auburn, etc, additionally you had stripper fest from UofL and now in the 2020s you have Miami with John Ruiz and their NIL garbage. Every decade some university is performing BS. Going back to @IU Scott's question about winning and culture; until the NCAA actually attempts to enforce the rules, culture will always take a second seat to winning because it's easier to cheat and deny you cheated for years with high powered attorneys as opposed to developing a culture of integrity underneath the umbrella of the NCAA's bullshit.
  12. Kenny Smith has obviously given up on understanding what teams are in what region.
  13. Is there any possibility Texas and Sean Miller both lose and @5foulsstill wins the bracket contest?
  14. Yup, I'm already in the post season wish there was something to watch on Tuesday and Saturday/Sunday mode.😞
  15. Is there any possibility that both Texas and Sean Miller can lose?
  16. Pretty sure Graham would solve rebounding problems we've been talking about?>
  17. Carr and Boo Buie would be best of friends. Both are so good at pushing off of the defenders and making shots.
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