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  1. I was there, 60-40 is a good guess. Orange wrapped around the ends but the hoosiers were solid across the one side and sprinkled in on the ends. IU got really loud, especially during Q3 and most of the game had great energy. Great game to see, big letdown and tough walking past all the Vols celebrating on the way out.
  2. I love checking this board guys, but these pun derailments are becoming a chronic issue
  3. Interesting putting Green at the 2, it reminded of reading this article awhile back that referred to him adjusting to playing PG at IU. I was surprised and didn't realize he was more of a 2 guard in HS. https://www.newsday.com/sports/college/college-basketball/long-island-s-devonte-green-still-adjusting-to-pace-of-play-at-indiana-1.16981346 " There has always been a dichotomy to Green’s game. In high school he was more of a two-guard than a one; in college he knows he’ll likely have more success if he embraces the role of playmaker. Even if that sometimes goes against his ins
  4. Been lurking for a long time, figured it was finally time to register. Based on your descriptions Garland sounds similar to D'Angelo Russell, would that be a fair comparison?
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