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  1. I must admit. I’ve never used a charcoal grill. I’m excited to add one to my outdoor kitchen.
  2. Haha! I had no idea that container under there was a charcoal caddy. Oops!
  3. So with the small amount of information I’ve gathered I’m thinking one of the two pictured below. The difference is one has an auto ignite system of some sort, a trash can below and a 6” longer prep table. Thoughts?
  4. Same. I’ve always used the gasser or smoker. Knowing my superior ability to purchase what turns out to be junk, I thought I’d ask our HSN experts. I bought some cast iron pans to have the ability to try different ways to cook on charcoal. My summertime happy place is just around the corner. Poolside or lakeside makes no difference to me. A nice cool spot in the water during the day to a cold brew and grill around a fire in the evening. I plan to head to Amish country (Oden, Indiana) next week to stock up on some marinated turkey and catfish to cook up for Mother’s Day with the
  5. Ok what about recommendations on a good well built charcoal grill?
  6. Ouch. It sounds like it may be back to ESPN commentary in the near future for CTC.
  7. I knew the drama would start before long.
  8. I’m looking to buy a dual gas-charcoal setup. I’ve never been much on the charcoal grills until lately and could use some help getting a good unit. I’ve been watching too many BBQ Pit Boys videos...
  9. I have the tailgater as well. I converted mine to accept the big tanks.
  10. That’s why I love my outdoor griddle top
  11. I will take an 87% free throw shooter all day
  12. I’ve always had high expectations of Rob P. I felt he was very undervalued due to the outstanding class of ballers that he was in. I’m curious to see what he can do now that the offense is expected to be more free flowing rather than scripted.
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