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  1. How about Purdue goes SEC. We attended a kids birthday party at K1 Speed today in Fishers. According to one parent, Purdue is final four material this year. Bahahahahahahahaha! I had to argue with the smooth brain.
  2. I like the heck outa this kid. 💯 IU no matter what.
  3. Woah! That’s an interesting cooking gadget you have there. I’m a thermometer guy myself when grilling. Safety and consistency is the idea. Got home and 10pm last night. None of us had ate a thing all day due to being super busy and on the go. Diced up some potatoes, garlic cloves and onions for the cast iron skillet. Threw some strip loin steaks on till 145 degrees. We all took our plates and ate in the pool at around 11pm. Awesome finish to a hot and busy day. My 10yo loves to do stuff like that. Summer time fun at home.
  4. Before y’all go “all in” with your chips, you might want to see the team win some real games and not lose at home to in-state rivals. Thad Matta is still the key ingredient in my opinion.
  5. Steve Reddenbaugh, Ralph Haynes, Gary Anderson, Mike Reagan, Mo Moriarity all had influence on my childhood at some point. Some of my favorite people looking back
  6. Stay up to date on the off season with snips, clips and gossip. Sharing this from the IUBB Twitter...
  7. As we know, the ACC Network (ACCN) is a 24/7 national network dedicated to ACC sports. ACCN is owned and operated by ESPN in partnership with the Atlantic Coast Conference. I’m fine with spanking their little darlings around in the ACC vs B1G challenge. The only time of year I pull for the other B1G teams.
  8. And to think of the flaming I got when I pleaded for a Chris Reynolds AD and Calbert Cheaney HC. Man what an idiot I was some 12 years ago sheesh
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